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New York City is a town that lives in the minute. Its breakneck speed can be great for a young professional looking to take things as they come, but Atlanta offers a different, more mature kind of vibe. Atlanta is a city for people who want a taste of a skyscraper atmosphere with a mix of solid, Southern values. It is unique in its concoction of charm, gentility and excitement. If you’re looking for this kind of change, moving from New York City, NY to Atlanta, GA is the right choice for you. This article will help you see just exactly why that is.

What is the weather like in Atlanta?

There will be a definite shift in temperature when moving to Atlanta from New York City, but not the kind of dramatic shift that will throw you for a loop. Rather, the change should come as refreshing, especially if you sail into Atlanta during the winter months. While NYC is known for having harsh, snow-filled winters that can often turn walking on the streets into a slushy nightmare, Atlanta has very little winter precipitation per year and only goes into freeze territory on a rare occasion. Not even the lows in December or January average below 32 degrees. Meanwhile, with beautiful trees and hills surrounding the city, autumn and spring each can be a very scenic affair. And with hot summers averaging around 90 degrees, every July afternoon can be spent soaking up rays with the warmth of the sun. The beautiful landscape also benefits from a steady average of almost 50 inches of rainfall each year. Clearly, any resident of Atlanta will get to experience every pleasant stage weather has to offer.

Are the schools in Atlanta good?

Atlanta is a hub for higher education, with more than 30 colleges and universities calling the city home. While citizens of New York will be no stranger to exceptional educational opportunities, Georgia Institute of Technology is routinely ranked in the country’s top 10 public universities. Other popular schools include Georgia State and Emory University, both of which are highly regarded and have helped to contribute to much revitalization in some of the city’s neighborhoods.

The public school system in Atlanta is also highly regarded. There are 106 schools hosting close to 55,000 students within the city limits. One of the advantages of living in Atlanta for education that many parents will find desirable is its family-oriented atmosphere. While Atlanta is a city of international importance, its penitent for retaining strong moral values makes it a place where a more structured, suburban lifestyles and upbringing can be achieved. This is the type of child-rearing that can only be dreamed about in New York City.

What is there to do in Atlanta?

Atlanta is a city with many entertainment venues to enliven the lives of its residents. It is a city that is unique in having representation of each of the major performing art forms. Ballet is covered by the Atlanta Ballet, the opera by the Atlanta Opera, music from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and theatre with the Atlanta Alliance. Also on the subject of music, Atlanta is one of the musical centers of the nation. In addition to making major contributions to country music and Southern rock, Atlanta is also considered to be the birthplace of hip-hop. During the last decade, the town has become the unofficial center of the hip-hop and rap music scene.

This is only the beginning of the host of activities in Atlanta, though. Atlanta is home to the largest indoor aquarium in the world and is also the place where Coca-Cola began, with the giant World of Coke museum serving as one of the city’s tourist highlights. Historical fans will appreciate the museums hosted at the former Atlanta homes of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Margaret Mitchell, the author of the perennial American classic Gone with the Wind. The Jimmy Carter Center and Presidential Library is also a popular attraction. Nature lovers will enjoy both the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Zoo Atlanta, which boasts over 220 species of animals.

There are many sports teams in Atlanta, such as NBA’s Hawks and the NFL’s Falcons. It is a must-do activity to go to at least one Atlanta Braves baseball game every season, as well.

What about the entertainment industry in Atlanta?

One interesting note for those in the film and television industry in New York City would be Atlanta’s recent emergence as a major player in the field. The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act in 2005 cleared the way for tax incentives to drive production to the city. Turner Studios and Tyler Perry Productions are among the most prominent entertainment companies in the city, and television series like Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead and Devious Maids are all shot in or around the city. Recent movie releases like Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Ride Along and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire were also filmed in Atlanta. As you can see, New York City and Los Angeles are no longer the only places where a film or television career can be achieved.

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