Moving from New York City, NY, to Atlanta, GA

Ready to trade the Big Apple for the Big Peach?

Atlanta, GA, is sometimes called the “New York of the South” because of its growth, cultural diversity, entertainment options, and economic impact. That’s impressive, considering Atlanta’s population is just 500,000 compared to New York City’s 8 million.

But Atlanta offers some things that NYC doesn’t — like affordability (a nearly 40 percent lower cost of living), warmer weather, less population density, and a more relaxed pace. Check out these things to know if you’re a New Yorker seeking a fresh start in Atlanta.

Experience a milder climate in Atlanta

While New York experiences four seasons, with cold winters and warm summers, Atlanta’s subtropical climate brings hot and humid summers and milder winters. Both cities average more than 200 sunny days per year and see above the national average in rainfall.

The biggest difference? Snow. You’ll get just more than an inch of it per year in Atlanta (compared to 25 inches in New York) and rare freezing temps, so there’s no need to haul your heavy winter gear.

Get a feel for the city on the BeltLine

If you enjoy New York City’s High Line, make sure to check out the Atlanta BeltLine, one of the largest urban development projects in the U.S. This impressive outdoor green space — which includes trails, walkways, parks and even a public art installation — covers 22 miles of unused railroad tracks and circles Atlanta’s neighborhoods. Enjoy a meal or a coffee at Ponce City Market or one of the many other spots along the route!

Find grade-A career opportunities in ‘The A’

With an unemployment rate below the national average and 23 percent job growth in the past decade, Atlanta has become an attractive job-seeker market. The city is home to over a dozen Fortune 500 companies, including The Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines Inc., and UPS. Atlanta also offers widespread opportunities in healthcare, education (including three universities), film and music production.

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