Moving from Minneapolis, MN to Philadelphia, PA

What to look for when moving from Minneapolis to Philadelphia

You’re leaving the “City of Lakes” for the “City of Brotherly Love,” and you may be wondering what to fully expect once you move from Minneapolis to Philadelphia.  While Minneapolis is a city rich with water and known as the primary business center between Chicago and Seattle, Philadelphia comes with many great attributes.  Philadelphia is the cultural, commercial, and educational center for the entire Delaware Valley – a region housing more than 6 million residents.  We’re sure that once you make your move, you’ll find Philadelphia is a city full of American history and opportunities for growth.

A look at what you can discover after moving from Minneapolis to Philadelphia

Minneapolis is 1,166 miles from your new home in Philadelphia – a drive that will take you more than 20 hours through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.  Once you reach Philadelphia, you’ll find this area is rich with our nation’s history as it houses the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Benjamin Franklin Memorial.  Philadelphia is known for the cheesesteak, soft pretzel, the Fairmont Park (largest landscaped urban park in the world), and its many outdoor sculptures and murals.  But, the truth is that Philadelphia is about even more than that.

The economy of Philadelphia is strong and diverse.  After moving from Minneapolis to Philadelphia, you’ll leave behind U.S. Bancorp, Xcel Energy, and Ameriprise Financial for CIGNA, Colonial Penn, Sunoco, and Comcast.  Philadelphia’s diverse economy is driven by industries like manufacturing, oil refining, food processing, health care, and biotechnology.  The city is also considered to be a national center of law due to the presence of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Drexel University Earl Mack School of Law, and many others.  It’s also considered to be an important center for medicine and is home to the first hospital in the British America Colonies, Pennsylvania Hospital. 

The topography and climate of Philadelphia is somewhat different from Minneapolis.  Many of the geographical characteristics of Minneapolis are directly tied to water and the area is located in a continental climate – cold snowy winters, hot humid summers.  In Philadelphia, you can expect warm, muggy summers and cold winters with light, variable snowfall.  The geography of Philadelphia includes 10,334-acres of parkland, including the infamous Fairmont Park along the west side of the Schuylkill River.

The cost of living after moving from Minneapolis to Philadelphia will change somewhat.  You’re probably used to the average house price of $330,000 in Minneapolis; however, you’ll need to plan for an increase of $60,000 because Philadelphia housing prices average $390,000.  Rental property in Philadelphia is approximately $1250 per month verses the $1200 your accustomed to.  The cost of daily items like groceries and clothing will remain fairly consistent.

The facts about moving from Minneapolis to Philadelphia

Making the move to Philadelphia will open you to a new world of possibilities.  While you’ll be trading in the Minnesota Vikings for the Philadelphia Eagles, you’ll be gaining so much with your new community.  Philadelphia lies in close proximity to many exciting places like New York giving you the opportunity to spend a weekend exploring more of this great nation.  Enjoy your new home and the many great activities and attractions it has to offer (Franklin Square, Valley Forge National Historical Park, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and more).


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