Moving from Minneapolis, MN to Madison, WI

Moving from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is the capital of and second-largest city in Wisconsin with a population of over 230,000 residents. In the early 1990s, Madison’s economy experienced a rapid growth with the development of high-tech companies, so today, Madison is in a better economic situation than much of the rest of the country! Madison has also been named by Forbes as one of the “Best Places for Business and Careers” and is one of the most educated cities in the U.S.! So, you’re sure to find several great opportunities when moving from Minneapolis to Madison!

Getting from Minneapolis to Madison

You probably already know that if you’re moving from Minneapolis to Madison, you won’t be going far! Since it is only about 270 miles from Minneapolis, Madison is only a short car ride away! You’ll be traveling for about four and a half hours, and along your way, you’ll be driving through Western Wisconsin which should make your drive a pleasant one!

Madison’s Climate

Fortunately, you’ll be used to the type of climate that Madison experiences because it is almost exactly the same as the climate in Minneapolis! Like in Minneapolis, Madison’s winters are very cold and snowy with average lows in the low teens and an average of 51.2 inches of snow! However, summers are fairly warm and humid with average highs in the low 80s. Also like Minneapolis, Madison receives a decent amount of precipitation with a yearly average of 34.4 inches, most of which occurs in the spring and summer months.

Making Your Way around Madison

If you plan to take public transportation when moving from Minneapolis to Madison, you may find that it is a little more difficult in Madison. Madison Metro Transit provides several fixed bus routes that travel to many areas of the city as well as to nearby suburbs; however, Madison does not have a light rail system. If you plan to drive in Madison, though, you should have an easy time. Several major highways serve Madison making it easy to get around the city as well as to anywhere in the state!

Getting an Education in Madison

Madison is one of the most educated cities in the whole country, so if you’re looking for education when moving from Minneapolis to Madison, you’re sure to find great options! Public education is provided by the Madison Metropolitan School District, which has over 48 schools and enrolls over 24,000 students! For higher education, Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin–Madison, which is the official state university of Wisconsin. UW–Madison offers over 130 bachelor’s degree programs, over 150 master’s degree programs and over 100 doctoral programs! Additionally, Madison is home to Madison Area Technical College and Edgewood College!

Fun and Entertainment in Madison

Don’t worry about missing out on your favorite things to do when moving from Minneapolis to Madison because Madison has something to offer everyone! If you enjoy outdoor activities, you’ll love doing things in the winter such as ice fishing, ice skating, ice hockey and cross-country skiing, and in the warmer months, hiking, bicycling and sailing!

Of course, if you love sports, Madison is a great place to be! College sports at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, in particular, are very popular in the city. The Wisconsin Badgers compete in 25 intercollegiate sports, the most popular being football and basketball!

Additionally, if you enjoy the performing arts, don’t miss shows from the Madison Symphony Orchestra, the Madison Ballet, Forward Theatre Company and the Madison Opera all of which perform at the Overture Center for the Arts!

You’re sure to love living in “Mad City!”


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