Moving from Madison, WI to Denver, CO

So you’re thinking about moving from Madison, WI to Denver, CO?

You may wonder why exactly you would decide to move from one chilly city to another. Madison, Wisconsin, and Denver, Colorado, are both towns that have a reputation for cold weather and lots of snow. If you’re living in one place, though, chances are this is something that you’re accustomed to, so this shouldn’t be too much of a factor. Instead, you should concentrate on the many other fantastic qualities that the cities have to offer This article will help you see why moving to Denver from Madison might be the right idea for you.

What is the weather like in Denver?

You cannot talk about moving from one town to another without discussing the weather. Weather is a huge factor in any decision. The wintery conditions both places endure have already been briefly touched on, but it should be noted that Denver isn’t quite as cold as Madison. Denver benefits from having slightly higher temperatures and lower humidity. It also has quite a bit of sunshine, so even on the coldest of days, the sky is typically bright, clear and full of rays. The sunshine and low humidity also helps to make the summers about as pleasant as any city ever has. It gets hot enough to warm up the pool and get a healthy tan, without having the wet, suffocating humidity that many Midwestern and Southern towns do. The high elevation also ensures that no matter where you live, you’ll have a great view to accompany you. If you’re looking for a beautiful place with lovely weather, Denver is definitely the place for you.

Sports in Denver

Madison, Wisconsin, doesn’t have quite the sports prowess that other cities do. There aren’t as many nationally recognized teams as you’re going to find in a place like Denver, which is home to major players in five popular athletic games. No matter what it is you enjoy watching, Denver has got you covered!    

Take a trip to the Pepsi Center to see the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche, which play basketball and hockey for the NBA and NHL respectively. The Avalanche has even managed to score two Stanley Cups in their history! Since 1960 the Denver Broncos have been the football team to watch for Colorado residents, and they also have two titles to their credit. Soccer fans also have a great, national-title winning team to support in the form of the Colorado Rapids, while baseball fans will love going MLB games at Coors Field to support the Colorado Rockies! There’s enough sporting events to keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat all year long!

Parks in Denver

Denver is one of the most outdoorsy cities you could possibly live in. With more than 200 parks, there is a scenic location for every person in every corner of the vast city. Thanks to the early 20th century City Beautiful movement that swept the nation, Denver has everything from small, mini-parks to the expansive City Park, which boast 314 acres of fun and activity. There’s also Washington Park and Cheesman Park. Many of the locations were designed by herald landscape architect, Reinhard Schuetze. Some of the locations are mountain parks, such as Red Rocks Park. No matter what kind of outdoorsy atmosphere you’re looking for, Denver has it!

What are some of the Denver landmarks?

Denver is a city with a wealth of history, and there are a lot of reasons outside of its beautiful weather, parks, and sports to recommend. One of the major reasons is just how many amazing landmarks there are the city. There are so many places to check out, you’ll be busy for a long while.

Just a few places you’ll want to check out include: the 16th Street Mall, which has many interesting boutiques and businesses; the Avenue Theater, the local professional theatre; the Brown Palace Hotel, which Elvis Presley once called the “best hotel in the world”; the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, which has been visited by the likes of Pope John Paul II; Denver’s Downtown Aquarium; Denver Botanic Gardens, which was featured in the Woody Allen movie Sleeper; the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, one of the premiere locations of its kind; Denver Zoo; the Llyod M. Joshel House, which showcases the incredible architecture of Denver; Molly Brown House, where the famous “Titanic” passenger once lived; Union Station, which will soon be the commuter rail hub in Denver; and the Wells Fargo Center, the highly recognizable “cash-register” building.

How will you move to Denver?

Loads of landmarks, stunning parks, tons of sports…it’s all waiting for you in Denver – you just have to move there. Instead of driving a rental truck through Iowa and Nebraska, why not let U-Pack® drive? We’ll move your items, and you move yourself. It’s the perfect way to travel to Denver. Get a moving quote today. 

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Welcome to your new home, Denver!

With so many great places to see and such great weather to enjoy, there’s no reason you shouldn’t move to Denver! See you there!