Moving from Madison, WI, to Chicago, IL

Madtown to the Windy City

Moving from “Madtown” Madison, WI, to the “Windy City” of Chicago, Il, is the start of an exciting adventure. Although the Midwest cities are around 150 miles apart and quite different in population and culture, you’ll find some similarities in climate and outdoor activities as you explore your new home.

Keep reading to learn more about moving to Chicago and all the opportunities in the city of over 2.7 million people.

How’s the weather?

Moving southwest to Chicago won’t cause a huge shock with climate change. While you can expect slightly milder average winter temperatures in Chicago over Madison (22 vs. 13 degrees), you’ll find the summers are familiar, with wet, warm conditions and average highs staying in the low 80s.

Rainfall is similar between the cities, averaging just under 40 inches per year. But you will notice less yearly snowfall in Chicago, with approximately 37 inches, compared to the 53 inches Madison typically receives annually.

Continue (or start) an active lifestyle in Chicago

If you enjoyed an active lifestyle in Madison or plan to start one in your new city, Chicago won’t disappoint. It’s often considered an outdoor adventurer's paradise. The lakefront areas, with 31 sand beaches and 570 parks covering over 8,000 acres, offer a variety of activities. Explore the beautiful city on foot or by bike, and don’t miss “The Bean” Cloud Gate sculpture in Millennium Park, the most-visited park in the Midwest.

Working and learning in Chicago

Chicago has multiple job opportunities in business, education, engineering, finance, government, health care, pharmaceuticals and transportation. Large employers in the city include Bowing, Ford Motor Company, Nestle and United Airlines.

Adult learners have access to Chicago’s 54 colleges and universities. Younger learners are served by the city’s 335 public schools and over 1,100 private schools.

U-Pack can help with moves to Chicago

With our service centers near Madison and Chicago, U-Pack® can help with your long-distance move. We’re a DIY moving service, so you handle the packing, loading and unloading, and then we transport your things.

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