Moving from Los Angeles, CA to Virginia Beach, VA

Life’s new adventure after moving from Los Angeles to Virginia Beach

Get ready for an exciting new adventure when moving from Los Angeles, CA to Virginia Beach, VA. There’s no doubt you’re accustomed to an exciting life already, but this move will guarantee to keep the excitement brewing. Of course, you’ll face some significant changes like the population size for starters because your new home only has close to 440,000 residents vs. L.A.’s 3.8 million. You’ll also be able to put some money back in your pocket because housing costs and living expenses will be considerably cheaper. There’s more than meets the eye in Virginia Beach, so sit back and read about all the great things this city holds for you.

What’s special about Virginia Beach?

You don’t have to look far or hard to discover what’s special about Los Angeles because it’s a city oozing with character. Good news, the same is true for Virginia Beach. Your move here will give you a new life experience as you’re surrounded by pristine beaches, military bases, education possibilities, and strong business options. The area is loaded with unique ways to celebrate any day. Fun fact: this “Happy” town is home to singer/songwriter Pharrell Williams.

Climate and geography

It’s always good to know what the local climate and geography is like for any move you’re making. When you choose to move from L.A. to Virginia Beach, you’ll see this city is bigger than you might have thought. It’s spread across 497 square miles of both land and water. It’s defined by a number of distinctive communities like Bayside, Cape Henry, Princess Anne, Chesapeake Beach, and Newtown. The climate is humid subtropical which means hot summers and mild winters; you might want to purchase a few more pairs of shorts for the hot summer months. Since you’re no stranger to a fabulous beach scene, you’ll be glad to know this move comes complete with 248 square miles of pure beach heaven.

How to have fun Virginia style

A big question you might have is what do locals do for fun? That’s a question easily answered. Fun knows no bounds in this beach city. The many annual festivals are just a starting point, and you have to make time for the Neptune Wine Festival, Virginia Beach Music Festival, Holiday Parade at the Beach, and the Virginia Beach Sandcastle Competition. The city also hosts a number of holiday events, marathons, and 5K’s throughout the year. Did you know this city is a volleyball mecca? It’s true; you can find a volleyball net fun or competition any day of the week. Of course, there’s always the option to pick up a tee time, surf the waves, explore the world of art, or shop ‘til you drop.

More on Virginia Beach

You’re going to be happy with your new home after moving from L.A. to Virginia Beach because this city knows how to make every day count. This is a place that invites lovers, farmers, surfers, soldiers, explorers, and fun-seekers alike. You’re certain to find a place to belong, too.

How to Move from Los Angeles to Virginia Beach

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