Moving from Los Angeles, CA, to Philadelphia, PA

Moving from Los Angeles, California, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

Headed east! And not only east, but to a city steeped in the history of the founding of America. Whether you’re moving for the lower cost of living, seeking an education, or wanting to leave the Los Angeles sun for a taste of four seasons, the City of Brotherly Love will welcome you with open arms.

Philadelphia Facts

  • Is also nicknamed is “The Athens of America” 
  • Played host to the U.S.’s first World’s Fair in 1876
  • Has its own rather distinct accent — thanks to the work of sociolinguist William Labov, the dialect of Philadelphia is one of the best-studied versions of North American English
  • Is three hours ahead of Los Angeles

Philly’s Early History

You can’t study early an American history book and not see Philadelphia mentioned on nearly every page. It was the nation’s first capital, after all. It was founded by William Penn in the early 1600s, and its most famous early citizen was Benjamin Franklin, who revolutionized the city with progressive new institutions such as a library and a hospital. In the 1700s, Philly became an intellectual powerhouse for the colonies, which, along with its central location, paved the way for it to host the First and Second Continental Congress.  And it was in Philadelphia that one of the nation’s most important documents, the Declaration of Independence, was signed.   

What is a “Megalopolis?”

In Cali, you could drive north and south for hours and still be right there in California. But on the East Coast, it’s much different. The states are geographically much smaller, so driving a couple hours will put you in two or three different states! This area of the United States is also heavily populated, with multiple major cities, from Washington, D.C., in the south to Boston in the north (and Philly in between). These cities form nearly a straight line up and down the Eastern Seaboard. With a metropolitan population of over 50 million people within a distance that can be driven in only about eight hours, these cities resemble one single city in many ways. This has become known as a megalopolis

Paying the Bills in PA

The cost of living in Philly is significantly lower than the cost of living in Los Angeles. 67% cheaper, to be exact! The main reason for this is because housing in southern PA is quite a bit lower than the national average. The median home price in your new city is about $155,000.

East Coast Education

If you’re moving east for higher learning, Philly is definitely the place to go. With over 120,000 students enrolled in colleges and universities, this is undeniably an education-friendly place. The most famous place of study is the city’s Ivy League, University of Pennsylvania, founded in 1740. Drexel University and Temple University are private schools that also draw students from all over the United States.

But that’s only the beginning; there are also five schools of medicine, a music school, several art institutes, a culinary college, and much more — there are over 80 institutes of study in the Philadelphia region! Whatever your field, you can find a school near your new home that offers exactly what you need. 

Climate in Pennsylvania

Flowers in spring, sunshine in summer, crisp leaves in the fall, and snow in the winter — four beautiful seasons!

Spring is nice and generally fairly mild. Freezing temperatures are very unlikely after early April. Fall is about the same, with nice temperatures (although autumn is typically warmer than spring) and freezing points starting around early to mid-November. Between snow in the winter and rain during the other three seasons, precipitation is fairly level throughout the year. July is the rainiest month, and also the warmest, so expect some mugginess. 

Winters on the Eastern Seaboard are different from what they were in California. You’ll see snow every year, but how much is tough to say. Some years get only a few inches, while other years see Philadelphia in the news quite often because of major snowstorms. Just keep an eye on the weather channel from November through March!

Getting from Los Angeles to Philadelphia

Since the distance between L.A. and Philly is over 2,700 miles, you might not want to drive there in a rental truck! Let U-Pack® drive for you instead. Here’s how it works:

  • You pack up your items in L.A. (or load at our service center)
  • U-Pack drives your things safely to Philadelphia (generally arriving within a week or less)
  • You unpack into your new home

Get a free online quote or call 877.453.7274 and let a moving specialist get you ready for your new life on the East Coast.