Moving from Los Angeles, CA to Houston, TX

Are you moving from Los Angeles, CA to Houston, TX?

Houston, like Los Angeles, is one of the largest cities in the country. It ranks fourth overall, just two slots behind LA. So when moving from one of these cities to another, there will be no surprises in the realm of traffic or bustling nature. Instead, it is the fact that the two places have distinctly different kinds of fast-paced culture that make them different. This extends to the weather, demographics and entertainment, and more.

What is the weather like in Houston?

Houston is a hot city for cold-hating individuals. There are more than 100 days each year in which the temperature reaches over 100 degrees, which means that sun-bathing is almost a year-round activity. That said, slightly colder weather is more common in Houston than it is in Los Angeles, which means that residents can still hold out hope every couple of years for a white Christmas. LA, meanwhile, does have consistently warm, mild weather, but in recent years has experienced rough, hot summers that are comparable to Houston.

The difference between the two places, though, is that Houston is prepared for this climate change. It is one of the most air-conditioned places in the country. In Los Angeles, A/C is considered to be an amenity. Houston is the exact opposite. There is not a single location in Houston that hasn’t thought about air, and central air is the standard. So if you’re looking for a city that is hot and has all the advantages of the heat, but is prepared for it, Houston is the place for you.

What do the demographics look like in Houston?

One of the most unique aspects of Houston is comparison with other cities in Texas is that it is far more liberal and diverse. Texas is a traditionally conservative state, but Houston is known for have a much more progressive point of view.

Houston is also very ethnically diverse. There are currently over 90 languages reportedly spoken in the city. Part of the reason for this diversity is its positioning along the Gulf of Mexico. With this desirable port location and strong industrial and educational opportunities, Houston is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. Hispanics, African Americans, Vietnamese and Indians all have significant representation in the town.

How are the school systems in Houston?

When comparing Los Angeles and Houston in the way of education for your children, Houston is a great choice. There are many options in the city, with 300 private schools and 112 Magnet schools available for parents to choose from when looking for ways for their children to learn.        

Higher education is also prevalent within the city limits, with such respected institutions as the University of Houston and Texas Southern University located in Houston. One of the most-renowned private research schools is also part of the fabric of the city in the form of Rice University.

What’s the entertainment scene in Houston?

While Los Angeles may be considered one of the prime entertainment locations in the world, Houston offers a more relaxed, varied type of cultural experience. Perhaps one of the famous parts of the city is the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, which is one of the most popular attractions in the country. For agricultural and farming enthusiasts, the nation’s largest rodeo and livestock show is held in Houston. Art lovers have no shortage of activities with the annual Bayou City Art Festival, the Houston Grand Opera, the Houston Sympathy Orchestra and many other theatrical opportunities along the Houston Theatre District. The Holocaust Museum and the Museum of Natural Science are also highly-attended attractions.

The Houston Rockets are the team of choice for basketball fans, while the Texans are available for any football lover. One of the most popular activities in Houston is to go to an Astros baseball game, as well.

Moving to Houston in the near future?

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Welcome to friendly Houston, TX!

Houston is a place with many different opportunities that help to position it as one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. While a large city like Los Angeles, Houston offers structural and familial opportunities that LA just can’t beat. So make the right choice, the choice to move out of Los Angeles and into Houston today!