Moving From Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX

Leaving L.A. for Dallas 

Endless entertainment, celebrity sightings and lazy beach days have made L.A. an unforgettable place to live. But as you leave Los Angeles for the Big D, look forward to the memories you’ll make in the South! Though Dallas is smaller in size and population, it’s more than large enough to provide all the amenities and opportunities you want in a big city. Keep reading to learn more about life in Dallas.  

Job Opportunities 

If you’re moving to Dallas for work, you’ll have plenty of options. Like L.A., the city’s top industries include finances, aerospace and oil and gas. But unlike L.A., the Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to more than 20 Fortune 500 companies. Major employers are American Airlines, Bank of America Corp., Texas Health Resources Inc., and AT&T. Whatever careers interests you have, Dallas is sure to have a good fit.    

Average Commute Times 

Tired of spending hours commuting? You’ll still experience traffic and delays in Dallas, but it’s nothing like L.A.’s congestion. Most L.A. residents spend an average of 54 minutes traveling to and from work each day. In Dallas, the average commute is 27 minutes, so your time is cut in half! 


Los Angeles is famous for its diversity and sophisticated arts. But Dallas is more than country living. The city is also home to the nation’s largest contiguous arts district, spanning 19 blocks. Just mix southern hospitality with the rich history of arts and call it Dallas. 

Need help moving to Dallas? 

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