Moving from Los Angeles, CA to Columbus, OH

Preparing for a move from Los Angeles, CA to Columbus, OH

Columbus is a capital city that knows how to make a positive impact on its residents. If you find yourself moving from Los Angeles, CA to Columbus, OH, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the level of creativity and excitement housed in one place. You’re going to find a ton of art, sports, theater, dining, and shopping venues all through town. Just remember one thing after moving, plan for alternate routes on Buckeye game days because local traffic is pretty insane before and after the game. Keep reading to find out just how great your new home really is.

Only in Columbus

You already know there are amazing things special only to L.A., but the same is true about Columbus. The Wexner Center for the Arts at the Ohio State University promises to blow your mind with extraordinary art collections, theater productions, concerts, and dance exhibitions. No town tailgates like Columbus. Football is a major pastime here, and Buckeye fans pack in for a full day of food, fellowship, and football every game day. Get your camera out to steal some of the best nature shots around at Glen Echo Park and the Columbus Park of Roses. When you have a hankering for something sweet, you have to take a trip to Jeni’s where you’ll have some of the most outrageous and tastiest ice cream ever.

Economy and education

There’s no doubt that moving from L.A. to Columbus means you’ll still be privy to a solid economy and awesome education options. The local economy is diversified with fields in education, banking, aviation, health care, technology, energy, and medical research.            In fact, it’s even home to five Fortune 500 companies – Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., American Electric Power, Big Lots, Cardinal Health, and L. Brands. There are also plenty of government, hospital, and education jobs for all seekers. As for education, Ohio State University offers undergrads and graduate students an array of degree options; plus, this fine educational institution contributes significantly to the economy.

Local Museums

Aside from the Wexner Center, Columbus is home to a variety of museums. So, when you have a desire to tap into history or art, venture through a museum of your choosing. Local museums include Columbus Museum of Art, Jack Nicklaus Museum, Ohio Historical Society, and the Kelton House Museum and Garden. Of course, you have to include a trip to the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) which is a major hands-on science museum where you can explore 320,000 square-feet of insane discovery.

Other greats found in the city

Moving from L.A. to Columbus probably seems a little overwhelming, but lucky for you Columbus is also a major city with lots to do. Not only will you find plenty of places to shop, eat, and browse, but you’ll also have great outdoor spaces for playing. For a refreshing morning run, head over to Antrim Park. To find some peace while enjoying fabulous landscapes, go to Topiary Garden. To be stunned by magnificent floral beauty, check out Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. When you need a waterfront view, make your way to Scioto Mile.

How to Move from Los Angeles to Columbus

Hands down, the easiest way to move to Columbus from L.A. is with U-Pack®. U-Pack works like this: we bring the moving equipment to your door (from our local service center). You load your belongings inside. We handle all the driving, delivering your belongings to your new home in Columbus. That means you don’t have to drive a rental truck the entire way from California to Ohio – your stuff gets delivered right to your door. Start planning your move with a free moving quote from U-Pack.