Moving from Los Angeles, California, to Colorado Springs, Colorado

Moving from L.A. to Colorado Springs

Welcome to the beautiful Rocky Mountains! While Los Angeles is popular for many different reasons, Colorado Springs is just as amazing — if not more! While the move may seem like a big undertaking, you have a lot to look forward to. You’ll get four solid seasons, beautiful snow every winter, a lower cost of living, and much more! 

A Few Facts about Colorado Springs

  • Several notable universities in and near the city offer bachelors and graduate degrees. These include DeVry University, Colorado Christian University, and University of Colorado Springs. 
  • The current population sits around 466,000.
  • Colorado Springs is known as Olympic City USA. This is because two dozen of America’s federations for various individual Olympic sports are headquartered here, as is the United States Olympic Training Center and the United States Olympic Committee.   

Weather Differences between Los Angeles and Colorado Springs

Summer is nice and warm, like in L.A., and during the hottest month, July, it averages almost exactly the same temps (about 83 degrees Fahrenheit). From there, you’ll move into the cooler weather of fall. Winter is much cooler here than on the West Coast. From November through March, the average low is at or below freezing, and a few nights a year see sub-zero temperatures. Late March and April will see things start to thaw and bloom again, paving the way for beautiful spring walks in the park. 

You’ll also get more rain in CO than you did in CA. Make sure you have an umbrella and some rain boots starting in April, because spring and summer tend to bring the most rain. 

Perks of a High Elevation

In Colorado Springs, you’ll be over a mile above sea level. That means the air is a little thinner than in L.A., so it might take you a week or two to adjust. But what’s the best thing about living a mile in the air? Snow! The Springs averages over 30 inches of snowfall a year. 

Cost of Living, Job Market, and the Economy

Colorado Springs is over 50% cheaper than in the City of Angels, and housing is over 150% cheaper! Healthcare costs are more expensive though, so make sure you factor that into your new budget.    

The unemployment rate in Colorado Springs is lower than the rest of the United States — only 4.5% — and job growth is positive right now. Average salary is about $55,000/year. Income tax is 4.63%. 

The area’s largest economic player, and one of its biggest employers, is the military/national defense industry. Two Air Force Bases, an Air Force Station, the United States Air Force Academy and Fort Carson Army Base are all nearby. Retail, construction and science/technology are also big drivers of the economy.   

A Quick Look at the Culture

Age:  Olympic City USA is fairly young; the average age is just under 35. 

Religion: Although 66% of Colorado Springs residents claim no religious affiliation, the city is actually the headquarters for multiple national and international religious groups. These include, Global Action, Compassion International, and The Navigators. Places of worship for most Christian denominations, Judaism, Islam, and eastern religions can be found in the city and its surrounding suburbs. 

Demographics: About 70% of the population are Caucasian, 17% are of Hispanic ethnicity, 6% are African American, and 3% are of Asian descent.  


Olympic sports are obviously taken very seriously in The Springs. So is non-Olympic figure skating. The city’s arenas routinely host national and international figure skating championships.   

Fun in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a haven for the outdoorsy type. It boasts over 9,000 acres worth of parkland to enjoy. Possibly the most famous mountain in the region, Pikes Peak, hosts an annual motorsport climb each year called The Race to the Clouds. The city’s Garden of the Gods is said to be one of the most beautiful parks in the world (perfect for picnics!). If you’re really adventurous, you can even take a zipline tour through nearby Seven Falls Park.  

For an indoor activity, tour the Olympic Training Center, wander through the picturesque Pioneer Museum, or have tea at the Glen Eyrie Castle.   

Moving to Colorado Springs

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