Moving from Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL

Are you moving from Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL?

Chicago, IL is an absolutely beautiful city located in Illinois, and is the third largest city in the United States! Ranked as the 7th best city on earth in terms of size, crime, and economy strength, Chicago is a great place to call home! You will not regret making the move from Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL!

What will you experience after moving from Los Angeles to Chicago?

The following information will give you everything you need to know to see why making the move from Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL will be the best decision you will ever make!

  • Climate – Chicago has a climate similar to the rest of Northern Illinois, with hot and humid summers, and cold and snowy winters. Summer highs tend to be in the mid-90s, while winters in the lower 20s. The area receives about 35 inches of rainfall each year, and at least 12 inches of snow.
  • Population – The city of Chicago has a population of over 2.8 million people, however the metropolitan area surrounding the city holds over 9.8 million!
  • Education – Chicago Public Schools operates 675 public schools in the city, as well as 9 selective enrollment schools that are for the intelligently gifted students in the Chicago area. Many of the Chicago public schools receive top scores in the state, and are recognized nationally as amazing schools showing the premium that Chicago puts on its education services. Several major colleges and universities exist in Chicago, and are ranked in top spots year to year, these include: The University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and Harold Washington College.
  • Entertainment – Being a world-class city, Chicago has something to offer everyone in the way of entertainment! The city is home to a large night club/bar district, as well as many others. The arts district in Chicago is one of the largest in the country with numerous art galleries, museums, and performing arts groups holding plays, concerts, and musicals throughout the year. There is also a large sports presence in the city, and a large stadium. Chicago is famous for its cuisine! The city is known throughout the world as a center for numerous award winning restaurants which encourage the tourism industry in the area.
  • Economy – Chicago is the third largest economic center in the nation, and is a major center for dozens of large multi-national corporations. The city is also rated to the have one of the most balanced and stable economies on earth due to the immense amount of diversification the city has. Alongside the financial and banking industries, the manufacturing, and printing industries also contribute a large part to the economy. Tourism also is a large part of the economy, which in turn encourages the retail and service industries.
  • Work – The top employers in Chicago include: Boeing, CME Group, Kraft Foods, and Motorola. The average commuter in Chicago has a commute time of anything between 30 and 35 minutes.

Welcome to Fantastic Chicago, IL!

You will gain an incredibly great new way of live by moving from Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL. Chicago, while still a large city, is slightly smaller than Los Angeles however, is significantly better and offers all the charms of Los Angeles, and then some! You will absolutely love your new home in Chicago, IL!

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