Moving from Los Angeles, CA, to Boulder, CO

Living the high-altitude life in Boulder

When moving over 1000 miles from Los Angeles, CA, to Boulder, CO, there are many changes to prepare for, from weather to culture to general lifestyle. Boulder is over 5,000 feet higher in elevation than LA, so you might need some time to adjust to living at a higher altitude in this city of 108,250 residents (3.6 million in the metro area). What else can you expect while living in Colorado? Keep reading to learn more.

Dreaming of snow? Boulder can deliver

Snow rarely happens in Los Angeles, but it’s standard for winters in northern Colorado. The city gets an average of 71 inches of snow per year. Both cities have similar annual rainfall, with 18 inches in Boulder compared to 16 inches in LA.  

Overall temperatures are cooler in Boulder, with averages ranging from 22 to 88 degrees. The average high temperature in LA is also 88 degrees, but temps rarely drop below 48 in the winter. So you’ll want to invest in some warm winter gear you didn’t need in LA ahead of the season in the “Home Rule City” of Boulder. 

A lower cost of living and a better job market

Boulder has a lower cost of living than LA, with a healthier job market and unemployment rates below the national average. Average salaries are also higher than national levels. 

Technology jobs are abundant with Google’s campus in the city, and Apple plans to add engineering jobs to the area. Other key industries include aerospace, bioscience, outdoor retail, natural and organic products, renewable energy, research and software development. 

Enjoy the outdoors in Boulder

Boulder is bordered by the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and surrounded by thousands of acres of parks and nature preserves. This outdoor lover’s paradise has plenty to keep you busy. Here are some of Boulder’s top natural attractions: 

  • Boulder Falls 
  • Colorado Chautauqua Park 
  • Flagstaff Mountain 
  • Flatirons 
  • Eldorado Canyon 

Choose U-Pack for your move to Colorado

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