Moving from Los Angeles, CA to Boulder, CO

So you’re thinking about moving from Los Ang​eles, CA to Boulder, CO?

Los Angeles, California, definitely lives up to the idea of a “melting pot” in American vernacular. Every single type of person from every walk of life can be found in LA. Boulder is a city that you don’t hear a lot about, but it’s certainly one of the happiest, healthiest places you could chose to live in. If you’re considering moving from Los Angeles to Boulder, this article will help you see just why that may be the best decision you’ve ever made.

What is the weather like in Boulder?

People in Los Angeles talk about how great the weather is on a regular basis. In the winters it’s in the 60s, and that is certainly a lot more bearable to some than a Northern winter. The problem is, there is very little variety to the weather in Los Angeles. Boulder has a little bit of every season, and it provides some weather patterns that LA could only dream about. When you say that Boulder receives over 87 inches of snowfall annually, that’s a statistic that might seem scary to an LA resident. December, January and February stay in the mid-to-upper 40s at the height of day, and this is a much higher temperature than many Northern cities that never see winters peak above freezing. Boulder provides a snowy, winter wonderland that doesn’t come with quite as harsh a chill as some places. Like LA, Boulder also benefits from low humidity, largely due to its high altitude. The city also receives several more inches of rain than Los Angeles each year, which helps to lend to a beautiful, lush atmosphere. Don’t let the winters scare you! Boulder is a very pleasant place to call home!

Outdoor Sports in Boulder

Boulder, Colorado, benefits greatly from its location for a number of reasons. Nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, the city is surrounding by beautiful terrain. This terrain inspires many outdoors lovers to find all kinds of activities to keep things active. There are more than 35,000 acres of open space for the public to use to their heart’s content. Rock climbing is one of the most popular pastimes, and many Boulder citizens go to nearby Eldorado Springs for this sport. Various climbing routes are also available in the city, too, such as Boulder Canyon and the Flatirons. There is also a 10km road run that occurs annually called the Bolder Boulder. The race routinely features thousands of runners every Memorial Day. Welcoming people of all levels of ability, it is the fifth largest road race on Earth and the largest in the United States.

National Recognition for Boulder

With as many awards ceremonies that take place in Los Angeles as there are, it would be tough to compete with the number of national awards Boulder has received in recent years. Among those are:

  • Top Brainiest City by;
  • The Happiest City according to;
  • The Best Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index City by USA Today;
  • The Foodiest Town in America as per Bon Appetite magazine;
  • The top Town to Live Well in America according to;
  • The best city to Raise an Outdoor kid by Backpacker magazine;
  • And one of the 10 Healthiest Cities to Live and Retire according to AARP magazine.

That’s quite a resume!

How is the transportation in Boulder?

Anyone who lives in LA knows how valuable reliable public transportation is. Boulder boasts an extensive bus system that is run by the Regional Transportation District. There are several routes that run every ten minutes on the weekdays, though there are some routes that depart every 15 to 30 minutes. Boulder is also working a 41-mile commuter rail system that will make an even faster commute from place to place for residents. Cycling is a big mode of transport in Boulder, as well, with a B-cycle bike-sharing program having opened in May 2011. In addition, Boulder also has a logical road system that makes getting around town simple. LA natives will enjoy the greatly reduced traffic and ease of Boulder!

Your move to Boulder

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Welcome to your new home, Boulder, CO!

When it comes to the facts, it’s hard to compete with such a pleasant place to live as Boulder! Leave LA behind for the city today!