Moving from Los Angeles, CA to Atlanta, GA

So you’re thinking about moving from Los Angeles, CA to Atlanta, GA?

Los Angeles and Atlanta are cities with two completely different vibes, but they are also strangely close to one another in many ways. For an individual looking to move from Los Angeles to Atlanta, it is the unique qualities that Atlanta offers over Los Angeles that bring its greatest appeal. For those used to the hustle and bustle, bumper to bumper traffic, and year-long warmth of Los Angeles, Atlanta can provide a welcome relief and variety to life. In addition, it has a certain Southern charm that is lost amongst the trend-setting LA culture. Moving to Atlanta from Los Angeles may just be one of the best ideas for you.

What is the weather like in Atlanta?

One of the greatest advantages of Atlanta over Los Angeles is the greater variety of weather patterns. Los Angeles is very much the same temperature-wise from month to month. Atlanta, however, boasts four distinct seasons. The seasons come with things like rainfall and occasional snow – something that would be completely foreign to the average LA resident.

The abundant rainfall helps to lend to the lush atmosphere surrounding Atlanta, with many trees and hills all about the city. Each year around 50 inches of rainfall occur. Each year, the trees change color, and Atlanta also experiences a beautiful autumn season. The summer has plentiful sunshine and heat for those wishing to get a healthy tan. While the winters are not extreme, freezing temperatures are not unusual and there is a shot at a healthy dusting of snow each year, something Los Angeles could only dream about.

While Los Angeles can get rather mundane with its year-round sameness, Atlanta benefits from getting the best of a lot of different types of weather.

How are the schools in Atlanta?

Atlanta has emerged as one of the leading educational centers in the country, with more than 30 higher education institutes available for residents to choose from. Emory University and George State University are both popular schools, and the Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the most recognized public universities in the United States. The locations surrounding the universities are also some of the most livable in the city and in recent years have experienced a sort of cultural renaissance

Primary education is also highly regarded in Atlanta, with around 55,000 students represented amongst the area’s 106 schools. Atlanta is a very family-oriented city, which provides a much more parent-friendly atmosphere to raise your children. So perhaps the greatest advantages of moving to Atlanta is allowing your kids to be brought up in an environment that encourages a type of solid, moral base that can often be lost in the dog-eat-dog world of Los Angeles. Atlanta is a city where you can have all the benefits of a big city without losing any of the structure that helps to build a healthy family.

What is there to do in Atlanta?

Atlanta is one of the most active places to live in America. Whether your interest is in the arts, sports, nature or history, there’s something Atlanta to amuse you.

Each of the different types of performing arts is represented in the city, with the Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta Opera, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the theatrical Atlanta Alliance. It is one of the great music hubs of the nation, with major contributions to the sound of Southern rock, country, hip-hop and rap made within the city limits.

There are many different museums in the city. Atlanta has the largest indoor aquarium in the world, where one can get an opportunity to see giant killer whales. In addition, soda pop fans will be fascinated by the World of Coke museum. Atlanta is also the city known for  the legendary historical novel Gone with the Wind, and the author, Margaret Mitchell, makes her home in the city (which is a popular tourist attraction). There is also a museum for the home of Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as the Jimmy Carter Center and Presidential Library. Nature lovers have both Zoo Atlanta and the Atlanta Botanical Garden to choose from for aesthetic appreciation, as well.

Sports fans have a plethora of different teams to support, including the NFL’s Falcons and the NBA Hawks. One of the most popular activities for residents is going to Atlanta Braves game.

What about the entertainment industry in Atlanta?

Many people coming from Los Angeles will be very familiar with, and perhaps directly involved in, the entertainment industry. Atlanta is one of the most up-and-coming cities in the realm of film and television. While the industry’s home is still L.A., Atlanta has enjoyed a bolstering in activity since 2005, when the George Entertainment Industry Investment passed, allowing major tax incentives to make the city a very desirable city, economically, to take production.

Both Turner Studios and Tyler Perry Productions are based out of Los Angeles, and such television shows as The Walking Dead, Devious Maids and Vampire Diaries are filmed there. Also, many movies have been shot there in recent times, including Ride Along, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Trouble with the Curve and Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

So for those looking to increase their foothold in the entertainment industry, Atlanta is one of the places in America that has the most opportunities in the arena. In fact, it might even have greater chances than Hollywood itself.

Moving to Atlanta soon?

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Welcome to your new home, Atlanta!

Atlanta has been waiting for you. With its beautiful scenery, bolstering entertainment industry and plethora of recreational activities, making the move from Los Angels to Atlanta should be an adventure! Welcome home!