Moving from Las Vegas, NV to Virginia Beach, VA

Are you moving from Las Vegas, NV to Virginia Beach, VA?

Las Vegas, Nevada, is often called the “Entertainment Capitol of the World, but this slogan clearly has never met Virginia Beach, Virginia. Not that this comparatively peaceful community may not have the kind of nightlife that Las Vegas does, but when it comes to the type of entertainment that sustains families for a lifetime, there is little comparison. In nearly every way, Virginia Beach is the place you want to make your home.

What is the weather like in Virginia Beach?

The weather in Las Vegas is very much a desert climate. It can be extremely hot on a regular basis, with all-time highs reaching 117 degrees. Virginia Beach, meanwhile, has a much milder climate. Whereas the average day is 80 degrees in Las Vegas, the average temperature in Virginia Beach is less than 70 degrees. This large 10 degree difference benefits from the city’s location right next to the beach.

Las Vegas also rarely gets five inches of rainfall each year, while Virginia Beach gets well over 45 inches annually. To say that Virginia Beach is drier than Las Vegas would be an understatement.  Meanwhile, again thanks to its seaside location, Virginia Beach also enjoys mild winters. With that said, there is always a chance for snowfall during the winter months, allowing for students’ hopes of a snow day to see the light of day each year. Clearly, there are few places to experience better weather than Virginia Beach.

What are the demographics like in Virginia Beach?

600,000 people live in Las Vegas, and there are even more people there on a daily basis thanks to its positioning as a tourist hot spot. Meanwhile, the nearly 450,000 people that live in Virginia Beach aptly represent the number of people who are typically in the town. It is definitely the type of place that people settle down, with over 55 percent of households containing married couples. 33 years is the median age of the city. Demographically, it is also one of the safest cities in the United States. The number of violent crimes is significantly less than that of other cities that have over 100,000. Half the number of murders and burglaries occurs in Virginia Beach as compared to Las Vegas, while about a third of the number of assaults and auto thefts happen in Virginia Beach.

Are the schools in Virginia Beach good?

Virginia Beach provides a much more stable environment to educate children than the active lifestyle that Las Vegas promotes. As a result, it is a very educated city, with four percent more people in the city having college degrees than the national average (28.1 percent versus 24 percent). The Virginia Beach City Public Schools is one of the 50 largest school divisions in the US. In addition, there are high education options as well, including Regent University, Virginia Wesleyan College, Atlantic University and ECPO College of Technology.

How do I stay in the know in Virginia Beach?

The Virginia-Pilot is the main, daily newspaper in the city, and there are also other publications like Veer, the New Journal and Guide, and Inside Business. The area is also the 42nd largest television market in the nation. In addition to eight networks, they also have their own PBS affiliate. In addition, it is the home of the Christian Broadcasting Network, which is connected to Regent University. The television program The 700 Club is broadcast from studios in Virginia Beach. Cox Cable is the cable provider for the city, while both DirecTV and Dish Network serve the town, as well.

There have been many movies that have shot in or around the city, including Mission Impossible 3, Hearts in Atlantis and The Satan Killer. The biggest market for the entertainment industry for Virginia Beach is in music video production, with artists like Mansions on the Moon, Asher Roth, Pharrell Williams and Bei Maejor having shot music videos in the town. Pharrell Williams hails from the city, in fact.

What is Virginia Beach’s culture scene like?

The culture scene in Virginia Beach is storied and interesting. The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art is of particular interest, featuring rotating exhibits of various types of media. It began thanks to fundraising from the first Boardwalk Art Show in 1952, and the site earned the American Alliance of Museum’s accreditation in 2010.

There is also the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, a popular aquarium which features a sand tiger, sting-rays and nurse shark, and brown sharks. The Virginia Beach Amphitheater is home to a variety of concerts for popular artists ranging from Coldplay to Taylor Swift. There are 18 different places on the National Register of Historic Places, showing just how important history is in the city. The Neptune Festival is also held in the city, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The festival helps to celebrate the town’s shared heritage with Norway, which occurs every September.

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