Moving from Las Vegas, NV to Seattle, WA

Why move from Las Vegas to Seattle?

Seattle is located in Washington State, and is a major seaport in the American Northwest. In fact, it is the largest seaport in the Pacific Northwest. Considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., Seattle has a metropolitan population of over 3.5 million, making it the 15th largest metropolitan area in the country. With an award winning education system – not only the highest ranked and highest scored in the state, but also dominated on the national level—Seattle is truly a world leader for public education. With its well trained and educated labor pool, Seattle is also home to one of the highest percentages of high-tech corporations in the country, which helps create a strong economy and high standard of living for its residents, or Seattlites. Making Seattle your new home will be the best decision you have ever made!

The following information will provide you with every detail to show you just what makes Seattle a perfect place to live, especially when compared to a place like Las Vegas.

The Seattle Weather

Although famed for being the rainiest city in the country, Seattle only receives about 37 inches of rainfall each year, actually less than cities like Boston, New York City, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. (Las Vegas itself receiving just over 15 inches a year). Because of its location near Puget Sound and the surrounding mountains, Seattle is denied most extreme weather, and storms are considerably rare, with sunny days possible 59% of the year. Summers in Seattle average a whole ten degrees cooler than Las Vegas with average highs in the mid-80s and winter lows seen in the upper 20s, which also allows for yearly blankets of snow never seen in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is also located in the middle of the desert, causing extremely high heat, and super dry conditions, whereas Seattle remains cool during the summer, and its location near the mountain ranges and coast maintain a largely mild climate throughout the year.               

Seattle Demographics

Seattle is ranked by the FBI as one of the safest cities in the US, placing it several times safe than Las Vegas, which is due to several factors including economic base, education levels, and population numbers. The median household and family incomes are estimated over $63,000 and $93,000 respectively, both at least $30,000 higher than what is seen in Las Vegas. Surprising fact: even though the income rates of families and households in Seattle are much higher than Las Vegas, on average housing in Seattle is much cheaper, and also much larger than the housing seen in Las Vegas. The largest age group in Seattle is the 25-34 year olds, which help to maintain the area’s progressive and liberal attitude.

The amazing education system in Seattle

Seattle is largely considered the most literate and educated of the nation’s 63 largest cities, due in part to the 53.8% of the population 25 or older holding a bachelor’s degree (national average 27%) and 91% having a high school diploma or equivalent (national average 84%). The public school system in Seattle is comprised of 91 schools, and a student population of 47,000. It’s important to note that all schools receive at least a satisfactory rating, and over 70% of Seattle public schools are ranked as exemplary, while several schools in Las Vegas remain ‘unsatisfactory’ and often times under-staffed.

The Seattle culture

Located near the northwest mountains, Seattle is surrounded by forests and several lakes. The city is often called the greenest city in the US because of the high level of parks, and its closeness to so many national and state parks. In 2013, the Trust for Public Land ranked the Seattle park system as the 20th best out of the 50 most populated cities in America. Seattle is also a very progressive and liberal city. Seattle, due to its high level of educated residents, is also known for its extremely high standard of living, especially when compared to Las Vegas. Overall, while the city lacks sheer number of things to do versus Las Vegas, the city certainly makes up that lack with the worth of its cultural products.

Move to Seattle Affordably

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Come make Seattle your new home!

Seattle is truly a great place to live! The city’s residents, on average, receive much higher incomes than their Las Vegas comparisons; however pay much less for their housing. Seattle also ranks much higher on education, and with its economic base in high-tech industry, and light manufacturing, the area has remained stable since 2008, and continues to steadily grow. Plus, you and your family will feel much safer moving to one of the safest cities in the US, especially after leaving a city with the crime problems evident in Las Vegas. In making the move from Las Vegas, NV to Seattle, WA you will be making the best decision of your life!