Moving from Las Vegas, NV to Colorado Springs, CO

Are you moving from Las Vegas, NV to Colorado Springs, CO?

Colorado Springs, Colorado is one of those cities that everyone seems to agree is one of the best places to live in America. With excellent quality of life and beautiful surroundings, there are few reasons not to recommend this gem of a town. Las Vegas, Nevada, by contrast, is known for being very hot and a great tourist destination. But is it a great place to call home? When compared with Colorado Springs, Las Vegas can’t hold a candle. Let’s see just why you should move to Colorado Springs from Las Vegas.

What is the weather like in Colorado Springs?

The weather might be the most obvious answer as to why you should move to Colorado Springs from Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a very hot, very dry city. It gets very little precipitation throughout the year and is known for reaching highs well over 100 degrees. Colorado Springs does not have this problem. The average high for entire year is just a little over 60 degrees, while accumulate some form of precipitation in every month of the year. Las Vegas doesn’t really known what seasons look like, but the vast amounts of trees and mountains surrounding Colorado Springs allow for its residents to enjoy fall, spring and winter as never before. Winter, in particular, is a beautiful month in Colorado Springs, with around 37 inches of snow falling each season. This is not to say that they do not enjoy warmth during the summer months. On the contrary, Colorado Springs still has pool-ready weather in July and August with highs topping out in the 80s. If you’re looking for four beautiful seasons, Colorado Springs is definitely an upgrade from Las Vegas.

What is geography around Colorado Springs like?

The surrounding area is also very beautiful around Colorado Springs.  If you like desert landscapes, Las Vegas has this in plenty, but Colorado Springs offers much more for its citizens to look at and enjoy outdoors. In fact, Outside magazine has placed Colorado Springs as its number one city in America. The city itself is a mile above sea level, and one of the country’s most famous mountain ranges is located by it in the form of Pike’s Peak. Pike Peak is more than 8,000 feet.

Because of its beautiful surrounding area, there are many different ways for residents to enjoy the city. There are more 9,000 acres that are managed by Colorado Springs’ Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services division. This includes 160 miles of park trails, 105 miles of urban trails and 5,000 acres of open spaces. The Garden of the Gods is one of the most popular parks in the area with its 300 foot rock formations. It has been designated as a National Natural Landmark. In addition, there is also Palmer Park, Memorial Park, Monument Valley Park, America the Beautiful Park and the Austin Bluffs Park, just to name a few.

What is the sports scene like in Colorado Springs?

Sports and Colorado Springs are almost inseparable, far more so than the association sports has with Las Vegas, most certainly. Colorado Springs is very important to the international athletic scene for the city serves as the home to the United States Olympic Training Center. It is also the United State Olympic Committee headquarters. Many of the federations for various U.S. Olympic sports teams are also based in Colorado Springs from fencing and table tennis to basketball and wrestling.

Colorado Springs has often played host to the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, and it is also home to the World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame. There is also the minor league baseball team the Colorado Springs Sky Sox in the city, along with the Colorado Springs Switchbacks, which will begin playing soccer at the Sand Creek Stadium in 2015. In addition, there is also a rugby and cricket team in the town.

How is the education in Colorado Springs?

In addition to several reputable school districts, Colorado Springs has such respected institutions as the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. Private schools in the area include the Hilltop Baptist School and St. Mary’s High School.

High educational options in the area are also very lucrative, with the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs being one of the most popular choices for students. There is also Colorado College, College America, Colorado Technical University, Remington College and the University of the Rockies.

Making the move from Vegas to Colorado Springs

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Welcome to beautiful Colorado Springs, CO!

There simply isn’t a contest between Colorado Springs and Las Vegas! It’s time to move to the center of the Rockies today!