Moving from Las Vegas, NV to Chicago, IL

Moving from Las Vegas to Chicago

While you may miss the glitz, glamour and bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll find that there is plenty to love about moving to Chicago. Before your move, learn about some more things that make the Windy City a great place to live and see how U-Pack® can help you with your move.

Weather differences

You’ll probably notice a distinct difference in the weather when you move from Vegas to Chicago. Be sure to get some winter clothes ready! Las Vegas has a dry, desert-like climate with hot summers and mild winters. And in Vegas, you see very little snowfall and rain is scarce. In Chicago, however, you’ll experience long, cold winters and hot summers. Snow is an annual occurrence in Chicago, with the “lake-effect” snow often being a factor for very cold wind chills and a large accumulation of snow each year. Although winters in Chicago are much colder that in Vegas, you’ll experience a much milder summer. While Vegas temperatures often soar into the triple digits in the summer, Chicago isn’t quite as bad in the summer. While it isn’t uncommon, Chicago summers normally don’t get much hotter than the 90s. 

Life in Chicago

You may be leaving behind the casinos and resorts of Vegas, but Chicago also has plenty of things to do. Chicago is home to more than 2 ½ million people and the city offers something for everybody. If you’re looking for higher education, there are nearly 50 four-year colleges within a 40 mile radius of Chicago. For sports fans, Chicago has at least one team in each of America’s four major sports leagues, so there is plenty of opportunity to watch sports at any time of the year. If you’re into the arts and culture and scene, check out one of the city parks or museums or check out a show at the Chicago Theatre, the Metro, or any number of other venues. For job seekers, the city is home to 21 Fortune 500 companies and is considered a global financial center. No matter what you want or what you’re looking for, Chicago has something for you. 

What’s the cost of living comparison?

One perk about your move from Las Vegas to Chicago is that it’ll be a bit cheaper to live in the Windy City. A big factor in the cost of living difference, according to Sperling’s Best Places, is the average cost to buy a home. You’ll also be paying less for utilities, food and groceries, rent and health care in Chicago. 

Ready to move to Chicago?

Need help with your move? Choose U-Pack®! With more than 230 service centers nationwide, we can offer quick and affordable door-to-door service from Las Vegas to Chicago. Get an instant online quote or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 for more information.