Moving from Las Vegas, NV to Anchorage, AK

Move from Las Vegas to Anchorage, a city that’s naturally close to perfect

Moving from Las Vegas to Anchorage requires major changes. Your new home offers you a completely different way of life. This All-American city is tax friendly, progressive, and beautiful. You’ll find your new home has as many unique and diverse traditions as it does landscapes. Join the other 291,826 residents today and begin living an adventurous life among wildlife, rivers, and mountains today!

Check out the climate and landscape when moving from Las Vegas to Anchorage

You’re definitely going to want to invest in some warmer clothes when you move from Las Vegas to Anchorage. Winters in Anchorage are accompanied by cold temperatures and snowfall. But, the spring and summer months bring plenty of daylight and warm temperatures perfect for spending hours on end in the great outdoors. The landscape is substantially different than what you’re used to because instead of desert terrain, in Anchorage are majestic mountain peaks, flowing rivers, icy glaciers, and so much more. This region is definitely defined by wildlife and nature at every turn.

Career and education options once you move from Las Vegas to Anchorage

After you move from Las Vegas to Anchorage, you’ll find this city has a diverse economy. Tourism is a major contributor, but other industries you’ll find here include transportation, military, government, resource extraction, and business. Major players in the local economy include ConocoPhillips, Alaska Central Express, PenAir, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, and several others. You’ll also find education opportunities housed here at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Pacific University, and Wayland Baptist University.

Discover what can be found only in Anchorage – Moving from Las Vegas to Anchorage

Anchorage is a unique city set among a unique area. Once you move from Las Vegas to Anchorage you’ll have the chance to discover things only found in Anchorage. Here’s an overview of a few of the best parts of this city:

  1. Chugach State Park – this gorgeous area is often referred to as Anchorage’s Playground. From here, you’ll have full access to the fabulous outdoors via hiking, roaring rivers, towering forests, snowmobiling, horseback riding, fishing, biking, and any other outdoor adventure you choose.
  2. Flattop Mountain – attention all adrenaline junkies, this is the place to get your rush on! Are you in the mood for a little paragliding, backcountry skiing, or rock climbing? If so, Flattop Mountain Recreation Area is the place for you. It’s also a wonderful area to enjoy a picnic or a day of berry picking.
  3. Campbell Point Lake, Jewell Lake, and Eklutna Lake – anglers will find plenty of world class fishing opportunities at any of these lakes regardless of the season. Fishing is a popular past time in Anchorage, and once you move from Las Vegas to Anchorage, you’ll find your pick of salmon, halibut, rainbow trout, and more.

Make your move from Las Vegas to Anchorage today!

There’s no two ways about it, this move is a chance of a lifetime. Anchorage is a city full of wildlife and adventure as well as visual and performing arts and exquisite cuisine. You’re going to love making your home here after moving from Vegas to Anchorage!

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