Moving from Kansas City, KS to Los Angeles, CA

So you’re thinking about moving from Kansas City, KS to Los Angeles, CA?

The Midwest and Los Angeles don’t share very much in common. There are many people who dream for years of moving from a hometown like Kansas City, Kansas, to the bright lights and exciting pace of Los Angeles, California. What they don’t realize is just how amazing that idea could be! As lovely a hometown as Kansas City can be, if you’re thinking of moving away, Los Angeles could realistically be everything you ever hoped it would be. This article will show just why you might want to consider moving to Los Angeles and away from Kansas City.

What is the weather like in Los Angeles?

Kansas City experiences the seasons. It gets hot in the summer, and bitterly cold in the winter. Cold is something that you’ll forget how to gage when you move to LA. LA is a city that benefits from consistent sunshine all year long. There are very few days, in fact, where the sun doesn’t jump into the sky. This is not to say that it is extremely humid or hot. LA stays fairly pleasant, somewhere around 70 for much of the year. In addition, humidity is a rarity. Even when it gets to hotter temperatures during the summer months, there is often a 20 degree drop at night, rendering an air conditioner almost useless. The closer you get to the beach, in fact, the less apartments you’ll find with an air conditioner- because it simply isn’t necessary! The weather is just that perfect. If you’re looking for perfection in your climate, there are few places better than Los Angeles.

How is the cultural scene?

Los Angeles is famous for being the home of the movies, but there is a lot more to its culture than just film and television. While you should definitely check out the TCL Chinese Theatre, Universal Studios, and the Walk of Fame, there are approximately 841 art galleries and museums in Los Angeles County that are begging for your attention. That is more museums per capita than any single city on Earth. The Getty Center is one of the more popular, with its beautiful gardens and views being a highlight, and there is also the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which in the largest art museum in Western America. For art lovers, you’ll want to check out Gallery Row, where thousands participate in the town’s monthly Downtown Art Walk.  No matter what type of culture you’re looking for, you’ll be overwhelmed with its prevalence in LA.

How are the sports teams in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is full of major sports teams that catch national attention on a regular basis. They have representatives in just about every type of athletic group you’d ever want to follow. You can’t think of the city without thinking of the Lakers, the world famous NBA basketball team. Meanwhile, there are the Dodgers for fans of MLB baseball. Hockey fans will want to go to a Kings game, and there’s even the Galaxy for those looking for a professional soccer league. Women’s basketball fans will enjoy the WNBA’s Sparks. Historically, the city has had a huge athletic history on a worldwide basis, having hosted the Olympic Games in both 1932 and 1984. You’ll be in sports heaven in Los Angeles!

How is the public transportation?

Los Angeles is notorious for its traffic. In many ways, though, this reputation is undeserved, because recent years have found an expansion of the city’s public transit system. First of all, the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority runs an extensive bus system that has reached ridership of nearly 40 million. There’s also a light rail and subway system that takes on 8.2 million boarders per month. It is the ninth busiest subway system in the United States, and it is expanding, too! As the coming years roll on, fewer LA residents will use their car as more and more subway stops are built all throughout the city.

What about religion in LA?

Just about every religion can also be found in the city, with a large Roman Catholic and Protestant representation heading the lot. The town is also the second largest population of Jews in the country, with the Kabbalah Centre having a particularly unique presence in LA. There are also large percentages of Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus. You’ll get nothing but variety in Los Angeles!

You’re going to love LA!

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Welcome to sunny Los Angeles, CA!

Dreams can come true! You, too, can move to the big city and make a go of it! Get ready to call Los Angeles home soon.