Moving from Jersey City, NJ to Plano, TX

Are you wondering what moving from Jersey City, NJ to Plano, TX would be like?

The city of Plano is a very upscale suburb of Dallas, TX, and is considered one of the best cities of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Several times since the mid-90s Plano has been ranked as one of the top cities to call home in the nation. Overall, Plano is well known for its chic living, amazing education systems, and very low crime rate. You will never regret making the move from Jersey City, NJ to Plano, TX!

What will you find after moving from Jersey City to Plano?

The following information will give you everything you need to know to see why making the move from Jersey City, NJ to Plano, TX will be the best decision you have ever made!

What is the weather like in Plano?

Plano, unlike Jersey City, has hot and humid summers, and cold, damp winters. Normal summer highs can reach into the high 90s, while winter lows can dip a few degrees below freezing. The area receives a decent 40 inches of rain, and snow is uncommon. Compared to the freezing winters, and super humid and damp summers of Jersey City, Plano, located on Lake Lewisville, has many more sunny days, and much more beautiful weather.

Moving to Plano with kids?

Public schools in Plano are served by the Plano Public School System, which is one of the best public school systems in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area! All three senior high schools have been ranked in top 250 spots in Newsweek’s 2012 list of best national schools. Plano is home to Collin College, and SMU-in-Plano, a branch of Southern Methodist University located in Dallas.

Will I be able to entertain myself in Plano?

Plano is slightly larger than Jersey City and located in the super metropolitan Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The area is one of the very few metropolitan areas that has a professional, and permanent group in every major performing arts discipline. Along with the many performance groups, the area has a very large and prominent fine arts district as well as one of the highest numbers of museums in the United States as well as one of the largest opera houses in the country! The area is also home to several major league sports teams from the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Stars. Living in Plano, and the surrounding Dallas/Ft. Worth area you will could never run out of things to do!

What is the economy like in Plano?

The Plano area, although only a suburb of Dallas, definitely has its own unique economy. The largest contributors to the local economy are the several service and retail stores being built in downtown Plano, and the several thousand business travelers that come through each year. More than 80% of the visitors in Plano are business travelers that come through the area and help invest thousands of dollars into the local economy.

The largest employers in Plano include: Bank of America Home Loans, J. C. Penny, Capitol One, and Dell. Most other residents in Plano find work in and around Dallas. The average commuter in Plano is 20 to 25 minutes, versus to 30+ in the New York area.

Welcome to Plano, TX!

Overall, Plano has much more beautiful weather and a better standard of living than what is seen Jersey City. You could never regret making the move from Jersey City, NJ to Plano, TX!

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