Moving from Jacksonville, FL to Seattle, WA

Read here if you’re moving from Jacksonville to Seattle

It’s no secret that Jacksonville is an area known for its exquisite beaches and waterways.  It’s a town that offers a fabulous Downtown skyline, thriving businesses, upscale dining, and breathtaking natural beauty.  So, what you can expect from your new home when moving from Jacksonville to Seattle?  Seattle undoubtedly has a different landscape than Jacksonville, but it’s still close to multiple beaches where you can sail, build sand castles, swim, and soak in the rays.  After moving, you’ll find your new home is close to Alki Beach, Lake Washington Beach, Howell Park and Beach, and other fabulous beach escapes.  You’ll also see that Seattle has its own amazing skyline and is complete with natural beauty provided by the views of the Olympic Mountains, the Cascade Range, Puget Sound, and Lake Washington.

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Here’s a breakdown of economy, climate, education, & cost of living:

Economy Comparison:  Jacksonville’s economy is driven largely by its deepwater port which is a leading port in the country for automobile imports.  As you well know, the economy in general is very diversified and balanced between finance, biomedical technology, manufacturing, insurance, and consumer goods.  After moving to Seattle, you’ll find this local economy is mostly driven by a mixture of older industrial companies and newer internet and technology companies.  The Port of Seattle also serves as a major entryway for trade and cruises.  This area is a major hotbed for green companies and has been ranked as America’s #1 “smarter city” for its green economy.  Major corporations housed in Seattle include, Starbucks, and Nordstrom Department Store.

What’s the weather?  After moving from Jacksonville to Seattle, you’ll find there are notable differences between the climates of each city.  You’ll be leaving the humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot summers behind for the marine climate of Seattle.  While Seattle is quite familiar with rainfall, thunderstorms are actually quite rare in this region.  Winter lows average around 30 degrees Fahrenheit and summer highs range around 72 degrees Fahrenheit (a nice break from Florida’s summer temperatures that can reach over 90 Fahrenheit).  While winter months are fairly wet, heavy snowfall is actually rare here.            

Can I continue to further my education in Seattle?  Continuing education in Jacksonville is no problem with multiple institutions of higher education housed there like the University of North Florida, Jacksonville University, etc.  So, if you’re in the market to continue your education after moving from Jacksonville to Seattle, what are your options?  Well, Seattle has been listed as the most literate city of the country’s 69 largest cities and has an extremely high percentage of college graduates thanks to institutions like the University of Washington (the U.S.’s most respected research universities), Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, Antioch University, and a list of others.  After making your move, you’re in the right place to get your education on track.

What are housing and daily costs after moving from Jacksonville to Seattle?  As you prepare to move to Seattle, you should know that the cost of housing varies somewhat.  In Jacksonville, the average home sold for roughly $205,200.00 while the average home in Seattle sells for $380,000.00, which means you need to account for close to a $100,000 increase when buying your new home.  While the price for homes is substantially more, most other daily costs remain relatively similar from one city to the next.  Doctor and veterinarian services are approximately $20.00 to $30.00 more per visit in Seattle, but grocery items are typically within $0.75 to $2.00 of the costs you’re used to in Jacksonville.        

We’re certain that while there are a few adjustments to be made in your new surroundings, you’ll most definitely enjoy your new home and all it has to offer.  After moving from Jacksonville to Seattle, make time to take in the new art and culture, recreation, and relaxation experiences this community has to offer.