Moving from Jacksonville, FL to San Juan, PR

Welcome to the beautiful side of history after moving from Jacksonville to San Juan

Have you recently made the big decision to move from Jacksonville, FL to San Juan, PR? If so, you’re going to be blown away by your new home. It doesn’t matter if you came to San Juan looking to enjoy an adventurous or laid-back lifestyle because this is a city with it all. The only major change you’ll have when making this move is a smaller population size of close to 400,000 residents, but the economy, tourism, and spectacular beauty will stay with you. Your new home is often referred to as the “Rich Port City” because it is one of Puerto Rico’s most important seaports. Both Jacksonville and San Juan experience all of the beauty and water life that come with living along the Atlantic Coast, so you won’t have to trade in your ocean view once your move is complete. Start packing, and get your new life of excitement started today.

Enjoy a strong and varied economy when moving from Jacksonville to San Juan

Like your former home, once you complete the move from Jacksonville to San Juan you’ll find that the tourism economy of this city is strong and thriving. Luxurious hotels are located along Condado Beach and provide a wide array of jobs for all residents. Headquarters for local and international banks are located within the corporate district of Hato Rey.

Other business opportunities lie in the many restaurants, shopping boutiques, and tourism destinations. The local economy is also dependent upon companies based in manufacturing of products like medicines, cleaning supplies, beverages, and more. We know you’re going to be pleased with your new local economy after moving from Jacksonville to San Juan.

Move from Jacksonville to San Juan and enjoy your own piece of paradise

One of the best parts of moving to any new community is discovering the many things that make your new home the fabulous place it is. Once you finalize your move from Jacksonville to San Juan you have to take plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the many exotic and unique districts of San Juan. This city is rich with historical buildings and museums while maintaining a fresh, vibrant feel complete modern amenities.

Old San Juan consists of roughly 400 restored buildings from early Spanish colonial periods and provides the perfect place for a quaint walk through town. Ocean Park has tree-lined residential areas along with a fabulous ocean front view, and the strong seasonal winds make this the perfect place for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Condado is a more urban area catering to the middle and upper class communities. It’s here you’ll find a beautifully lit skyline, nightclubs, hipster village full of fashion boutiques, and of course a fabulous ocean view.

Limitless options after moving from Jacksonville to San Juan

San Juan is definitely known for its more exotic way of life complete with fabulous beaches and spectacular entertainment. But, it’s here that you’ll also find major universities like the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and the University of Puerto Rico’s Medical Sciences Campus. Plus, you’ll have access to ten hospitals which include a Diagnostic and Treatment Center. Sports are also a large part of the San Juan community which houses professional teams in basketball, baseball, and soccer. It’s easy to see that once you do make your move from Jacksonville to San Juan, you’ll give up nothing and yet gain so much.

Moving from Jacksonville to San Juan on a Budget

Moving across the ocean can get expensive. However, if you move with U-Pack®, you can keep costs low. U-Pack has a service center in San Juan, so you can save even more by unloading at the local service center. U-Pack is an affordable, easy way to move. Get a free moving quote and see for yourself!