Moving from Indianapolis, IN to New York City, NY

So Long, Indy; Hello, Big Apple

You’re moving from Indianapolis to NYC! While you may think the two cities are worlds apart, they do share some similarities. They’re both big cities that are home to millions of people and have thriving economies with lots of places to live and work.

See what you can expect from life in the Big Apple and learn about how U-Pack® can help you move long distance.

How’s the Weather in New York?

In both Indianapolis and New York City, summers are hot, winters are cold, and there’s a fair amount of rain year-round. But New York City gets more sunny days. There are about 224 sunny days a year in NYC, compared to 186 in Indy. New York City also gets a little more rain, and a bit more snowfall than Indy does.

NYC is Open for Business

New York City has the largest local and regional economy in the U.S. The city is considered a global financial center; however, its residents work in a variety of industries like technology, retail, life sciences, and many others. The cities have comparable unemployment rates — New York’s is 4.1 percent and Indianapolis’ is 3.1 percent, according to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics — and each has a competitive job market. While salaries are similar, New York City has a higher cost of living.

How to Get Around

You’re probably used to driving your own vehicle in Indianapolis, but you’ll likely transition to public transportation in New York City. NYC offers taxi service, bus lines and subway rail transit lines — the most common mode of travel for New Yorkers — to get the nearly 8 million residents around. 

Variety is the Spice of New York Life

What did you do for fun in Indianapolis? Watch live sporting events? Hike or spend time outdoors? Catch a play or a concert? Dine out at your favorite restaurant? Chances are, whatever you liked to do in Indy, you’ll find there’s something similar for you in the Big Apple.

Life in New York City can be a blast! You could live the rest of your life in the city and never eat in every restaurant, see every Broadway show, hit up every music venue, live in every neighborhood, or run out of people to meet. Because things in the city move fast and possibilities are seemingly endless, check out these activity ideas for a place to start:

Grab a bite to eat

Whether you’re in the mood for a slice of New York-style pizza, or some traditional Chinese or Indian food, the city has you covered. Restaurants are all over the place! Did you know there are an estimated 24,000 restaurants in Manhattan alone? Expand your palate and try something new while living in New York City.

Explore Central Park

Visit one of the world’s most famous parks — Central Park in downtown Manhattan. Located between the Upper West Side and Upper East Side, Central Park is an 843-acre green space that receives more than 38 million visitors annually. Take a stroll, or visit one of the many attractions inside the park like Strawberry Fields (a memorial for late Beatle John Lennon), the Central Park Zoo or the Wollman Rink.

Take a hike

Want a little escape from the crowded streets and skyscrapers and a place to stretch your legs away from the trappings of urban life? You’re in luck! There are several options for hiking, biking and exploring within a short drive from downtown New York City. For example, you could spend the day hiking at Anthony’s Nose in Peekskill or bike the mountainous trails at Highbridge Park in Manhattan.

Relax at The High Line

This renovated railroad line in the city’s Meatpacking District has been transformed into a family-friendly, car-free, elevated linear park that traverses several neighborhoods. It offers great views of the city with places to sit and congregate. Take the kids and let them play on the Pershing Square Beams, which is a playground made from the rail line’s original steel framework.

Catch a game

Are you a sports nut? The metropolitan area has more than one team in each of the four major professional sports leagues. So if you’re missing your Pacers, you can see them in NBA action when they take on the New York Knicks or the Brooklyn Nets! The area also hosts a variety of college sporting events each year, and events in other sports like boxing, golf, horse racing, motor sports, tennis, wrestling, and more. 

See a Broadway show

If you’re a theater buff and enjoyed attending public arts performances in Indy, NYC is the place for you! The city has 41 Broadway theaters with shows taking place year-round!

Cost of Living Difference

It’s no secret New York City’s draw as “The Greatest City in World” comes with its perks, and those perks draw people to the city. That’s why you’ll notice things like home prices, health care and general cost of living are more expensive than in Indianapolis.

Move to New York City with U-Pack

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