Moving from Honolulu, HI to Seattle, WA

Living in the Emerald City after moving from Honolulu to Seattle

After you make the move from Honolulu to Seattle you may not have palm trees on every corner anymore, but you’ll be surrounded by a lush green canopy of trees as far as the eye can see. This city has a landscape few cities can rival. With a population base of 620,778, Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest which means you’ll find a large quantity of opportunities as one of their residents.

Take a look at your new surroundings after moving from Honolulu to Seattle

 Once you’ve completed your move from Honolulu to Seattle you can expect to be impressed by the amazing natural beauty that surrounds this city. From the top of the Space Needle, you can catch a magnificent 360-degree view of the area including the Puget Sound, Queen Anne Hill, Lake Union, Downtown Seattle, West Seattle, and more. It’s location between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington means you’ll have your pick of fabulous water activities any day of the year. Residents of Seattle can also enjoy the view and beauty of the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Range. Seattle’s pristine waters, sandy beaches, thick forests, and natural landscapes make this a great city to call home.

What to expect with a move from Honolulu to Seattle

Seattle is one of the most educated cities in America which means it also houses excellent career options. Once you move from Honolulu to Seattle you can take advantage of the many educational and job opportunities housed here. Universities and colleges in the area include the University of Washington, Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, The Art Institute of Seattle, and several others. Once you’ve obtained the appropriate credentials, you can expect to find employment with a variety of solid companies. Top employers in the area include, Corixa, Trubion, Vulcan Inc., Russell Investments, Safeco, Windermere Real Estate, Nordstrom, Alaska Airlines, and a long list of other established companies.

The things you can do after moving from Honolulu to Seattle

Seattle is a city full of eclectic and unique ways to play. After moving from Honolulu to Seattle you can expect to find that this community takes the performing and visual arts seriously. As a resident, you can enjoy the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, the Seattle Opera, the 5th Avenue Theatre, the Henry Art Gallery, the Seattle Art Museum, Frye Art Museum, and more. You can also enjoy tickets to professional sports teams like the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sounders, and Seattle SuperSonics. One of the more popular places of interest in town is Pikes Place Market where you can find fresh seafood, artisan chocolate, unique crafts and gifts, the first Starbucks, and a gorgeous waterfront. Seattle is a community loaded with so much to do from shopping, hiking, sailing, skiing, dining, and so much more. Residents of Seattle are truly proud to call this there home!

No matter why you are moving from Honolulu to Seattle, you are going to love life here! Welcome home!

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