Moving From Honolulu, HI to Las Vegas, NV

Moving from Honolulu to Las Vegas 

You’ll miss the island breezes and turquoise waters in Honolulu. But, there’s a lot to love about Las Vegas. As a world-famous resort city in the Mojave Desert, you’ll find no shortage of fun and opportunities. From a tropical utopia to a desert’s oasis, find out what awaits you in the Entertainment Capital of the World! 

Climate and Geography 

The weather on the mainland, especially in a desert, is a lot different. In Honolulu, summers are warm and pleasant, and winters are mild with some heavy rainfall. Las Vegas has a dry climate with hot summers — temperatures often reach into the triple digits. Winters can be mild or chilly, and rain is scarce. 

Cost of Living 

One perk of moving from Honolulu is the lower cost of living in Nevada. Prices for homes, healthcare, groceries, etc. are steep on the islands. The cost of living in Las Vegas is much lower. For example, the median home cost in Honolulu is $670,200, but it’s only $256,300 in Vegas. You’ll also pay less for utilities, transportation, rent, and food.  

Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas 

It’s hard to beat living in paradise. But Las Vegas is more than casinos and resorts! There’s plenty of outdoor activities that offer fun similar to what you had in Honolulu: 

  • Hiking. Head 16 miles west to Red Rock Canyon for an epic hiking experience. Choose from 26 trails that will lead you through a maze of canyons, peaks and gullies. 
  • Kayaking. Less than an hour away, you can kayak the Colorado River near Hoover Dam. 
  • Skiing. Hawaii isn’t known for snow. And while Vegas isn’t either, just 39 miles northwest, you’ll find snow! Mount Charleston has skiing trails for all skill levels. 

How to Move Your Items across the Pacific Ocean 

Because you’re crossing the Pacific, you need a moving company to help. Consider U-Pack®! Load your items in a ReloCube®, and then, we’ll ship it for you. With service centers in both Honolulu and Las Vegas, the transit times are quick. Get a free online quote, and we’ll email the cost of your move within one business day. Or, call 844-362-5303844-594-3077