Moving from Denver, CO to Phoenix, AZ

From a Mile High to the Valley below, Get Ready for Phoenix

You’re moving from the mountains to the valley — literally! Denver is known as the Mile High City, and the Phoenix metro area is known as The Valley. That means you’ll have to prepare for several differences between the cities. However, those differences are precisely what people tend to love about Phoenix.

We’ve put together a few of the comparisons and facts so you can see what to expect in your new city, and why you’ll love living there!


If you dislike shoveling snow, Phoenix is the place to be. That’s the reason it draws many of its residents — no bitter, cold winters! If you’re shying away from the hot summers, then make friends with a neighbor who has a pool (tons of people have pools in The Valley), and you’ll find that the warmest months are the most fun!


Expect less than half as much in Phoenix at 8 inches per year (15.5. for Denver).


If you like to ski, zero snowfall makes it impossible in Phoenix. But you could plan a visit back to Denver to enjoy their 55 inches per year!

Hottest Month

July brings an average high of 106 in Phoenix compared to 88 in Denver.

Coldest Month

Phoenix residents face a mild average low of 45 in December. Their Denver counterparts deal with 17-degree temperatures in December and January.

Humidity is a Non-Factor in Arizona

If you’re like most people, you despise humidity. You won’t have to battle excessive humidity in Arizona, so no frizzy hair! Make sure you keep some coconut oil, shea butter, or lotion on hand, though, to avoid dry skin.


Here’s a big positive: Housing in Phoenix is cheap. At least, compared to Denver, it is. Average, housing costs in Phoenix are just over 41% less expensive than what you’re used to in Mile High City! Because of this, people purchased homes more frequently than rented in The Valley as compared to Colorado. 


The average commute to work is practically the same in both Denver and Phoenix. Fewer people work from home in your new city, and very few people take bicycles or walk to work (maybe because of the summer heat?).


If you’re moving with kids, then education in your new hometown is a big deal. The good news in that area: Phoenix has a higher student/teacher ratio than does Denver. That means that there are fewer students per classroom, and your child will get better one-on-one time with her instructor. 

For higher education, The Valley gives you several options. The one you’ve likely heard of is Arizona State University, or ASU. That’s the one that attracts the most students. It’s one of the biggest universities in America, at more than 80,000 students strong. Whew! It has several campuses throughout the metro area, including Mesa, Glendale, and two in Phoenix. The main campus is in Tempe. ASU ranks highly among U.S. research universities and also has a high acceptance rate (84 percent). So if you’ve wanted to go back to school, or if your kids are looking to start college within the next couple years, you’re set!

If you’d like to study at a smaller school, choose from among 10 community colleges, the University of Phoenix and Grand Canyon University. If you’re into science, medicine or the study of neurology, then check out University of Arizona College of Medicine, Northern Arizona University or Barrow Neurological Institute.

Job Market

You may have already seen this in your research, but Phoenix has a higher unemployment rate than Denver. However, contrast that fact with this: The recent and projected job growth are both higher in The Valley, especially in the short term. Over the next 3 years, job growth is expected to be pretty high in Arizona.  So if you haven’t found a career in Phoenix yet, then the odds of your finding one are in your field are “ever in your favor.” 

Ways to Beat the Heat in Phoenix

Since you’ll be in the desert, you can’t easily escape to the beach when it gets too warm. So what are the other options? 

Well, don’t think of the desert as in, “I live in the Sahara.” Think of it more like, “I’m not in the Rockies anymore, but I still have some beautiful lakes and rivers nearby.” Most locals visit these bodies of water throughout the summer. For example, about 90 minutes northeast of Phoenix is Payson, and there you can find a place called Water Wheel Falls. It’s inexpensive (less than $10 for parking), you can bring your animals, and it offers a hike that ends in a swimming hole and a waterfall.  

Other favorite activities include tubing on the Salt River, cliff jumping in Fossil Creek Falls (make sure you get a permit ahead of time), and swimming, boating, and canoeing in local lakes. There are, as you probably guessed, several water parks in The Valley, and LOTS of ice cream, frozen yogurt and gelato shops. There is also an aquarium and a zoo where you can get the kids out of the house and out of the heat. 

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