Moving from Denver, Colorado to New York, NY

So you’re thinking about moving from Denver, Colorado to New York City, NY?  

Are you thinking about moving across the country and need a location in which to settle? Starting out afresh in a big, intriguing location can be just the medicine you need when life feels like it needs a change. There are many reasons to recommend Denver, Colorado, being that it is a very pretty, generally happy place to live. When it comes to excitement, though, there’s no beating THE city in the United States: New York, New York. Why? Because it is a wonderful town. Find out just why you should consider moving to New York City, New York, from Denver, Colorado.

What is the weather like in New York City?

Both Denver and New York City have the disadvantage of difficult winters. Although this is only a disadvantage, really, if you’re worried about shoveling snow out of an unusable driveway. Otherwise, winter is a beautiful phenomenon. The snowy streets and dusting of precipitation across Central Park will become some your new favorite images. The best part? You don’t have to shovel any of the snow. New York City is a town that doesn’t require a car. Instead, residents make their travels via the subway. This allows them to circumvent the problems that require shovels and snow plows to fix. For once, you’ll truly be able to enjoy the winter season.

Even better is the fullness to which will be allowed to experience the other seasons. There are wonderful, mild springs full of sun, summers with renewing heat and the chill autumn breeze and dusting of colored leaves in the fall. Why wouldn’t you want to experience a season in this wonderful city? Lest we mention, as well, that the altitude in the Denver is so high, breathing can be difficult. As a city located on the water, this is not something one has to be concerned about in New York.

What are the demographics like in New York City?

Denver is located squarely in the American Midwest. As such, it is a city with demographics associated with the American Midwest. This means it can be very monochromatic at times. New York City has long been one of the cultural hubs of the whole world. Not surprisingly, just about every people group that one can possibly imagine is represented in the city. New York City itself holds an astounding eight million people, and that number rises significantly when made to include the entire metropolitan area. While there are the well-known groups of various European descendents in the town, such as Italians, Irish people and Spaniards, there are also large pockets of Hispanic, African and Asian Americans spread throughout. One interesting figure can be founding the fact that 3 percent of residents were born in a foreign country.

Religiously, New York has one of the most significant populations of Jews in the world, with more than 600,000 people identifying as such. Also represented are other large populations of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and much more, helping to prove that there is a place for every type of person in New York City.

Will I be able to entertain myself in New York City?

The way in which Denver can simply not compare with New York City, though, comes in the sheer amount of entertainment and activities that are available to amuse NYC residents. Since it is the largest city in the country, just about every type of entertainment can be found – with contributions from theatre, music, film, television and more coming in various sections of the town. The very buildings and various structures in the city are unique cultural touchstones, as well, with the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and Ground Zero being among the most visited areas.

Annual events like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade attract large audiences and television screens the world ‘round every year. Many people enjoy taking in a Jets and Giants game if they’re football fans, while baseball fans can often be found debating on whether they follow the Yankees or the Mets. Basketball is represented by the Knicks and the Nets, as well. Taking in the city itself is an attraction. When it comes to popular culture, there has hardly been any other place that has been written, filmed and sang about as much as New York.

How will I move to NYC?

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Isn’t it time you moved to a place that full of fascinating and unique history? A place that is more than a town, but a way of life. It’s time to move out of Denver and into New York City!