Moving from Denver, CO to Los Angeles, CA

Moving to Los Angeles With Mile High Expectations?

What is the real Los Angeles? The answer is as diverse as the city itself. People flock to the City of Angels from all corners of the globe, for a variety of reasons. If you’re planning a move from Denver, one of the country’s fastest-growing large cities, you’ll likely miss some things about living there. Maybe you also have some concerns about your new home. But have no fear — hope springs eternal in L.A., a place that offers something for everyone!
Get a glimpse of what you can expect. And, discover a moving option that can simplify your big move out West.

Five Reasons To Get Excited About Relocating to L.A.


L.A. has always been a melting pot. Nearly 40 percent of L.A. metro area’s 18 million-plus residents are foreign-born, adding to the city’s rich cultural tapestry. 


If you enjoy sunny days in a mild climate with very little humidity, then you’ll love L.A. The city sees 300 days of sunshine per year with an average daily temperature of 72. No wonder you always see Angelinos out and about. Speaking of which…

Enjoying the great outdoors

L.A. isn’t a mile-high city like Denver is — it’s barely above sea level. But you can certainly find some mile-high (or higher) views. You know there are beaches galore. But did you know the Los Angeles Basin is surrounded and divided by mountain ranges? You won’t have to give up your favorite outdoor activities when you move! Among the many options available is Griffith Park, one of L.A.’s natural gems. The 4,300-acre space includes the 53 miles of hiking trails, the Los Angeles Zoo, Greek Theatre, Griffith Observatory, and the Hollywood sign. You can also take horseback tours!

Career opportunities

L.A. is an entertainment mecca, but it’s not the only show in town. Those in the aerospace and defense and biotech fields (thriving industries in Denver) will find those areas to be big drivers of the L.A. economy, as well. SpaceX, a new era space travel company, employs more than 4,000 people.

An epic food scene

Craving something delicious? L.A. has it on a world-class level. Some neighborhoods are the cultural food point for specific immigrant groups, so have fun exploring. Also, be sure to check out the city’s vast collection of farmers markets. The Los Angeles Times even created this searchable database — there’s bound to be one (or more) near you!

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