Moving from Denver, CO to Las Vegas, NV

Relocating from Denver to Las Vegas

From the picturesque Rocky Mountains to its vibrant cultural scene, living in Denver has been a delight. But now, your sights are set on Las Vegas. What does Sin City have in store? The answer is, pretty much whatever you want! There’s more to Vegas than glitz, gambling and bright lights. Read on to get a feel for your new home and discover an easy, efficient way to move there.

Respect the Heat

Coming from crisp, cool Denver, you’ll notice right away that the hot, dry Las Vegas climate can be oppressive — and potentially dangerous. Follow these tips to protect yourself and your loved ones:

Be strategic with outdoor activities. Early mornings and late evenings are best for spending time outside.

Find the shade. It can be 20-30 degrees cooler there than in the direct sunlight.

Hydrate your entire body. Drink plenty of water, but don’t forget to use lip balm and body lotion. Hot, dry air is hard on the skin.

Limit caffeine and alcohol. Enjoy in moderation, but too much can dehydrate you.

Take a dip. Few things are more refreshing than wading in cool water on a hot day.

Head to Mount Charleston. Located about 25 minutes away from Strip, this area is about 30 degrees cooler than Vegas.

Natural Playground

What does Las Vegas offer in comparison to the natural wonderland of Colorado? Explore the nearby state and national parks — Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, and Valley of Fire State Park. And for skiing and snowboarding, Lee Canyon Resort is 

A Food Lover’s Haven

If you enjoy Denver’s eclectic food scene, you’ll love the one in Vegas. It’s home to the annual Food & Wine Festival. Celebrity chef restaurants stay hopping on the Strip, and there are many off-Strip gems to enjoy, as well. 

Vegas Is a Relative Bargain

Las Vegas is about 17 percent cheaper to live in than Denver. Home prices are almost 40 percent less!

Save Time and Money With U-Pack

You can drive a rental truck 11 hours (minus stops) from Denver to Las Vegas. You could hire an expensive full-service mover to do it all. Or, you can move with U-Pack! We’re a self-move company, which means you pack and load, but we drive. This frees you up to travel on your own, any way you choose.

Get quick transit times with our nationwide coverage. Start the process with a free online quote or call a U-Pack representative at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to discuss your options.