Moving from Denver, CO, to Houston, TX

A bit farther south

Moving from the “Mile-High City” of Denver, Colorado, to Houston, Texas, means adjusting to southern weather. Located about 1,030 miles southeast of Denver, you can expect milder winters in Houston, with average temperatures hovering around 47 degrees. And you probably won’t need your snow gear since snowfall is rare in Houston. Summers are generally dry and warm, with temps near 100 degrees.

Thriving economy

Houston has a thriving economy with plenty of job opportunities in business, energy, health care, the oil and gas industry, research and technology. The city is home to more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies and multiple education and research institutions. The average annual salary is close to national averages, and the cost of living is lower in Houston than in similarly sized metropolitan areas.

Things to do in Houston

If you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking and swimming, Houston is a good fit to make a home. The city has abundant parks and green spaces to relax and appreciate being outside. For indoor entertainment, check out the Houston Theater District or the Houston Museum District, an association of 19 museums and similar gallery spaces throughout the city. And sports fans can cheer on new home teams in every professional league except hockey.

It's all about the food

Foodies love Houston, which makes sense since it’s often called the culinary and cultural capital of the south. Whether you're looking for authentic Mexican food, southern barbecue, or Japanese sushi, you'll find it in Houston. Plus, because it is near the gulf, you can expect a fresh seafood feature on many menus. Do you want some good Southern cooking? Houston’s got you covered with excellent fried chicken, steaks and barbeque.

U-Pack can help you move to Houston

Looking for a long-distance moving service? U-Pack® can help! With service centers near Denver and Houston, we offer exceptional service and affordable self-moving options to ensure your belongings are safely transported. For more info, call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 or request a free quote online!