Moving from Denver, CO, to Austin, TX

Rushing toward new adventures in Central Texas 

Are you considering moving to Austin, TX? You’re in good company! Austin has been called the “millennial magnet” of the U.S. because of its strong net migration numbers, but the city has much to offer, no matter your age. Let’s dive deeper into some key things you’ll want to know in preparation for your move from Denver, CO

Connect and recharge with Mother Nature  

While it may be hard to part with stunning views of the surrounding Rockies in Denver, Austin offers its own natural appeal. Living in one of America’s sunniest cities allows you to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. 

Snow skiing and other winter sports aren’t an option in Austin, but pretty much everything else is. Don’t miss these popular attractions: 

  • Mount Bonnell — Take in the best sunset views from Austin’s highest point (781 feet). 
  • Lady Bird Lake — This popular canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding spot is part of the Colorado River and runs through the city. 
  • Zilker Metropolitan Park — Explore a 351-acre space that includes a natural spring water pool, a botanical garden, a nature center, a sculpture garden and a museum. 
  • McKinney Falls State Park — Located 10 miles southeast of downtown Austin, the park draws campers, mountain bikers, hikers and swimmers. 
  • Congress Avenue Bridge — Wildlife watchers will get a thrill seeing the sunset flights of more than 40,000 bats that live around the structure. 

Tap into a growing and diverse job market 

According to a MoneyGeek study, Austin ranks No. 6 among the top U.S. cities for job seekers and No. 2 for Generation Z job seekers. Forbes also consistently recognized it as the best American city for jobs.  

Austin is growing steadily (with a population approaching 1 million) and has a diverse workforce. The technology industry is expected to grow by 15 percent between 2020 and 2025 as more companies relocate because of favorable tax laws and a robust business environment. Notable newcomers include Tesla, SpaceX, Meta Platforms (Facebook’s parent company), Google, Samsung, and Oracle. 

Apple employs 7,000 people across multiple facilities in Austin in jobs ranging from customer service to computer programming. Other top employers include Dell Technologies, IBM, Ascension Seton and the City of Austin. 

Many believe Austin’s benefits are worth the cost 

Neither Austin nor Denver is a cheap place to live, but you’ll have a better chance to save in Austin if for no other reason than Texas doesn’t have an income tax. Austin’s median home price is $504,000 (compared to $642,000 in Denver), and Austin’s median rent is also lower ($1,400 vs. $1,550). A competitive housing market hasn’t altered Austin’s status as one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. New residents are drawn to the city’s free-spirited culture, amenities, and strong local economy. 

Saddle up with U-Pack from Denver to Austin 

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