Moving from Dallas, TX to Tulsa, OK

Moving from Dallas, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma

While Dallas is the ninth-largest city in the United States with a population of more than 1.1 million, Tulsa is the forty-fifth-largest city in the United States with a much smaller population of 391,906. However, don’t worry about getting used to Tulsa’s size; you might even be surprised by how much this city has to offer! In 2012, Tulsa was even ranked 38 on BusinessWeek’s Top 50 best cities in America! You’re sure to love the friendly people and many fun things to do in Tulsa!

Traveling from Dallas to Tulsa

Dallas is only about 250 miles from Tulsa, so if you choose to drive, it should only take you a little over four hours to get there! The drive will take you through the gorgeous scenery of northern Texas and southern Oklahoma, and before you know it, you’ll make it to Tulsa!

Tulsa’s Weather

Because Dallas and Tulsa are so close to each other, they have very similar climates; although, Tulsa is slightly cooler than Dallas. While Dallas has an average yearly temperature of 67 F, Tulsa’s average yearly temperature is 61 F. Tulsa’s summers are usually hot and humid with average highs in the low 90s, and winters are usually cool with average lows in the low 30s. Unlike Dallas which gets very little snow each year, Tulsa gets about 10.4 inches annually as well as about 40.9 inches of precipitation. Like Dallas, Tulsa is also at risk for flooding and severe thunderstorms which can sometimes cause tornadoes, particularly in the spring and summer months.

Tulsa’s Transportation

If you choose to drive when moving from Dallas to Tulsa, you’ll be joining the majority of people in the city. Tulsa is served by Interstates 44, 244 and 444; U.S. Highways 412, 64, 75 and 169; State Highway 11; and the Creek Turnpike which make driving all around the city very easy! Additionally, Tulsa Transit provides public transportation to the city; however, if you took public transportation in Dallas, you may find that it will be a little harder to do so in Tulsa. Tulsa Transit, though, does offer more than 20 bus routes that travel throughout the city and to nearby areas.

Schools in Tulsa

There are three different school districts that provide public education to Tulsa: Tulsa Public Schools, the largest in the city; Jenks Public Schools; and Union Public Schools. These school districts have a combined enrollment of more than 65,000 students which, compared to the Dallas Independent School District’s enrollment of more than 157,000 students, is fairly small. So, if you’re moving from Dallas to Tulsa with children who are in school, they should have an easy time getting used to Tulsa’s schools! There are also many great colleges and universities in Tulsa including Tulsa Community College, the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma State University–Tulsa, and Oral Roberts University!

Recreation in Tulsa

Even though Tulsa is much smaller than Dallas, it offers so many fun things to do no matter what you enjoy! Be sure to see the Tulsa Ballet, the Heller Theatre, the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, Light Opera Oklahoma and the Tulsa Opera if you enjoy the performing arts! For some family fun, visit the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum which includes a museum that documents different North American cultures and histories as well as about 2,500 animals of 436 species, or the Oklahoma Aquarium which is the only aquarium in the state!

However, if you prefer watching sports, definitely check out the Tulsa Shock of the WNBA, the Tulsa Drillers of minor league baseball and the Oklahoma Defenders of Arena Football! Additionally, in late September and early October, the 10 day-long Tulsa State Fair attracts several people from all around the country! You’ll never run out of things to do in Tulsa!

Welcome to the “Oil Capital of the World”; you’ll love moving from Dallas to Tulsa! 

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