Moving from Dallas, TX to Sacramento, CA

Moving from Dallas, Texas to Sacramento, CA

Moving from Dallas to Sacramento is going to be an exciting and fun transition! Located at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River, Sacramento is California’s capital and 6th largest city. With a population of 477,891, Sacramento is quite a bit smaller than what you were used to in Dallas. If you will be job seeking after your move to Sacramento, you may want to check with these top employers: The State of California, Sacramento County, UC Davis Health System, and Kaiser Permanente.

What to expect when moving from Dallas to Sacramento:

  • A drive from Dallas to Sacramento will span 1,726 miles! With a drive of this magnitude you can expect to be on the road for 26 hours total.
  • There are a couple options when traveling from Dallas to Sacramento. I-40 W is the most direct route. You can also take I-10 W but it will add another 92 miles to your trip!
  • If you choose to take the I-40 W route you will travel through several big cities! Your trip will take you through Amarillo, TX, Albuquerque, NM; Flagstaff, AZ, and Bakersfield, CA.

Weather in Sacramento

  • Living in Dallas, you were accustomed to a humid subtropical climate. Sacramento has a Mediterranean climate which is characterized by wet mild winters and hot summers.
  • Sacramento receives on average 19 inches of rain a year with the most falling in January. Quite a change from Dallas which gets more than twice that amount a year and mostly in May!
  • From June to September, Sacramento is considered the sunniest location on the planet! Sacramento is also the second most likely city to flood next to New Orleans.

Getting around Sacramento

  • Sacramento has extensive options when it comes to transportation in and around the city. They currently offer bus and light rail service, Amtrak service, commuter service, and flights!
  • Sacramento is one of the most walker friendly cities in the U.S. and they have several bicycle paths as well! Sacramento Int’l Airport has flights to destinations in the U.S. as well as Europe and Asia.
  • Sacramento Regional Transit is one of the busiest in the country! Their 274 buses and light-rail make it possible for over 58,000 residents to get to their destinations.

Education in Sacramento

  • Sacramento City Unified School District serves most of the Sacramento area. Student enrollment includes roughly 48,000 students per year compared to Dallas’ 161,000.
  • Sacramento is also home to many K-12 private schools both independent and religious. They also have two major public universities and several private higher education institutions!
  • The University of California has a campus in Sacramento as does California State University! Private institutions include: The Art Institute of California, Professional School of Psychology and more!

Dining and entertainment in Sacramento

  • Sacramento is a hub for dining and entertainment in central California. Whether you’re in the mood for theater arts, visual arts, music, or fine dining you will be able to find it here!
  • Sacramento boasts several theater venues as well as museums! The Crocker Art Museum is one of the finest in the country and is definitely a place to visit!
  • Sacramento has a plethora of restaurant options when it comes time to dine! Sacramento is also nicknamed “America’s Farm to Fork Capital” for supplying their restaurants with locally grown food.
  • Grange Restaurant and Bar is a must try after your move to Sacramento. Be sure to try the Grilled California Sea Bass!

You’re one step closer to moving from Dallas to Sacramento, the “River City”!


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