Moving from Dallas, TX to Jacksonville, FL

Are you moving from Dallas, TX to Jacksonville, FL?

Dallas, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida, are both cities located in the American South. This is just about where their similarities end, however. It’s hard to compare the two cities at all, in fact, because they offer such drastically different living environments. In addition, they are fairly far apart, so any decision to move from one to the other can be life-altering. In the case of moving to Jacksonville to Dallas, though, this is the type of up-rooting that is most definitely worthwhile. This article will help you see just why moving to Jacksonville may be the best decision you’ll ever make.

What is the weather like in Jacksonville?  

Where Dallas is a warm city, Jacksonville is an even an even warmer city. Jacksonville is the type of location that was created for people who enjoy short sleeves, tank tops, shorts and sandals. One thing you will never have to be concerned about in Jacksonville is winter weather. While Dallas can sometimes get occasional snowfall and ice, Jacksonville never has to worry about such things. What they have instead, though, is plentiful rainfall. In fact, they receive over 50 inches of rain every single year. This helps to contribute to the lovely landscape and renewing humidity the city enjoys. If you’re looking for warmth and sunshine, there are few places better than Jacksonville to move to.

What do the economy of Jacksonville?

Dallas is known for having a thriving economy. It boasts many large companies and business incentives that help to bring people to the city all throughout the year. A concern that many might have when moving to Jacksonville from Dallas is that many of these economic opportunities would dissipate. The opposite holds true, however. Located along the Atlantic coast, Jacksonville is the largest deepwater port in the Southern United States. Not surprisingly, distribution and exporting play large parts in the city’s economy. In addition to this, there are also strongholds in other types of business, as well. This includes insurance, manufacturing, biomedical technology, consumer goods, information services and financial services.

Like Dallas, tourism also does play a part in bringing revenue to the city. In fact, it likely plays a much larger role in the city’s economic landscape with around three million people visiting Jacksonville every single year. This helps to provide 43,000 jobs in the city, which accounts for approximately ten percent of the city’s workforce. This helps to bring about one billion dollars to the city every single year.

Jacksonville has such an up-and-coming financial outlook that they have been called by Forbes magazine the third best place in the nation to relocate and find a job. In addition, the same publication has also named it one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

What is the religious scene like in Jacksonville?

The Southern United States is known for being a highly religious segment of the country. Dallas is among the most religiously-minded cities in the nation. It is important for many people moving from the city, understandably, that they are able to find a proper faith-based home. Jacksonville offers many places of worship for its residents.

The majority of the city is of Protestant descent, with more than 300,000 people calling themselves Evangelicals and another 100,000 belonging to another Protestant denomination. Some of the more popular churches in the city include the First Baptist Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Florida. Catholics also have a large presence in Jacksonville, as well, with the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Other religions are well-represented, too, with 15,000 Mormons found in the city, along with around 8,000 Muslims, 6,000 Jews, 4,500 Hindus and 3,500 Buddhists.

What is there to do in Jacksonville?

While Dallas is an active, happening city, there is plenty to do in Jacksonville to keep its citizens entertained and cultured. For instance, one of the largest Jazz festivals in North America is held in the town every year, and the city also boasts the important Jacksonville Film Festival. The 15-kilometer Gate River Run has been held since 1977, while one of the top college bowl games, The Gator Bowl, is also held in Jacksonville. Since 1961, citizens have enjoyed the Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens, which includes large collections of both Japanese and European art. There is also the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, which has many rotating and permanent exhibits on display the whole year round. For fans of nature there is the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. Shopping can be enjoyed at the Regency Square Mall, and the very old city also has a number of historical buildings found throughout, among them the beautiful Catherine Street Fire Station.

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