Moving from Dallas, TX to Colorado Springs, CO

Moving from Dallas, Texas to Colorado Springs, Colorado

Moving from Dallas to Colorado Springs means you’ll be going through many changes. For one, you’ll be moving from a city with a population of more than 1.1 million to a city with a population of 416,427. Although Colorado Springs is much smaller than Dallas, you won’t have to worry about missing out on any opportunities! Colorado Springs is a friendly Western city that you’re sure to love!

Driving from Dallas to Colorado Springs

Driving from Dallas to Colorado Springs takes almost 12 hours to cover around 720 miles. Along the way you’ll be passing through great cities to visit including Amarillo, TX. If you decide to stop in Amarillo for a rest, be sure to visit the second largest canyon system in the country at Palo Duro Canyon State Park! Then, it won’t be long before you make it to your new home in Colorado Springs!

The Weather 

When moving from Dallas to Colorado Springs, one of the main differences you’ll have to get used to is the weather. While Dallas has a warm average yearly temperature of 67 F, the average yearly temperature in Colorado Springs is only 49 F. In the summer, Colorado Springs has average highs that are usually in the low 80s, and in the winter, average lows are usually in the high teens. Colorado Springs receives much less precipitation than Dallas with a yearly average of 16.5 inches. However, Colorado Springs receives much more snow of about 37.9 inches annually, so be sure to get a warm, winter coat!

Getting Around 

Driving in Colorado Springs is the preferred method of transportation, and because the city is served by Interstate 25 and U.S. Route 24, it is fairly easy. However, because of the city’s recent, rapid growth, traffic congestion has become a problem, and although the city has made improvements, it still remains somewhat of an issue. Public transportation in Colorado Springs is provided by Mountain Metropolitan Transit which operates 18 bus routes that go throughout the city as well as Front Range Express (FREX) which provides transportation to Denver. However, if you were used to taking public transportation in Dallas, you’ll find that it will be a little more difficult in Colorado Springs.


Like Dallas, Colorado Springs offers many great options for education whether you’re looking for public education or higher education. Colorado Springs is home to great colleges and universities such as Colorado Technical University, Colorado College and Pikes Peak Community College. Additionally, public education in the city is provided by nine different school districts that have a combined enrollment of over 75,500 students. Compared to the Dallas Independent School District’s enrollment of over 157,000 students, the districts in Colorado Springs are much smaller. So, if you’re moving from Dallas to Colorado Springs with children who go to public school, they should have no problem transitioning!


Just because Colorado Springs is smaller than Dallas, it doesn’t mean that it has any less to offer! In fact, Colorado Springs has some of the best restaurants in the country! Whether you love traditional American foods or more exotic cuisines, you’ll find them in Colorado Springs! Once you get settled, be sure to check out The Blue Star for a nice night out. Definitely try one of more than 500 wines and the delicious steak! For a fun Sunday brunch, head over to King’s Chef Diner where they have great traditional and Southwestern breakfast dishes, and be sure to try the breakfast burritos! If you love Indian or Asian Fusion cuisine, you’ll definitely want to visit Little Nepal where you can try out authentic Indian cuisine and The Curry Leaf Restaurant which has great Dahl! You’ll always have new and great places to eat when you move to Colorado Springs!

Welcome to “The Springs”; you’ll love it here! Want to know where else U-Pack can move you? Use our coverage map!