Moving from Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL

Welcome to Chicago

Are you moving from Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL with questions on where to start? Don’t fret! Your transition should be a really easy one. The main issue you will have is the winter weather. Trust it will shock you at first, but after a couple winters you will be used to it. Just be prepared to layer all your clothing, and begin buying warm clothes. Moving to Chicago is sure to bring as much joy into your life as it brings snow!

Moving from Dallas to Chicago, IL – The Second City!

Chicago is known as “The Second City” due to its historical rivalry with New York for top urban site in the United States. Though not as popular at first, Chicagoans have now embraced this nickname (possibly due in part to the fact that it has surpassed New York City in many ways). Top theatre critics place Chicago ahead of New York these days, and the architecture of Chicago certainly rivals cities throughout the world, including every city in the U.S. The architectural scene is arguably more enticing and beautiful than what you find anywhere else. Truly, “The Second City” is considered second to none in countless ways.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The business world is always moving companies or satellite offices from one big city to the next. If you are moving from Dallas to Chicago because you are like so many who you will join in the business sector, Chicago offers you many of the same amenities that you grew to love in Dallas. Many major companies are headquarted in Chicago.

Become a Tourist in Your Own City

If you move to Chicago during the summer, you get to be in the thick of the energy produced by this ideal geographic location. Do not waste a moment of sunshine, and explore every second of the nightlife! Chicago is considered a favored tourist destination by people across the globe. So if you live there, you will be able to enjoy a cultural experience every time you walk out your door that isn’t available anywhere else. Miles of lush parks and block after block of exciting concrete jungle await you! Get moving from Dallas to Chicago today and embrace life in the Windy City!


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