Moving from Dallas, TX to Boston, MA

Trading cowboy boots for winter boots 

On the surface, Dallas, TX, and Boston, MA, couldn’t be more different. They are opposites in terms of geography, culture and climate. But if you’re planning to leave Big D for Beantown, it’s essential to understand what these uniquely American cities do have in common — pride in their communities and passion for their pursuits. 

Get a sense of what to expect as a Boston resident. And if you’re looking for efficient and affordable long-distance moving help, U-Pack has you covered! 

Don’t assume driving is your best option 

Because Dallas is so spread out (nearly 400 square miles), having a vehicle is practically necessary. But you’ll be able to manage fine in Boston without a car — and it may be the better choice since parking space is limited and costly. . Many locals prefer a combination of walking, bicycling, rideshares, and a comprehensive local mass transit system. For extended use, Zipcar is a convenient and affordable choice. 

Explore the outdoors (as the weather allows) 

One thing you may miss about Dallas is the mild weather year-round. Boston has long winters and chilly springs, but residents make the most of their warmer temperatures.  

Popular outdoor activities include: 

  • Following the Freedom Trail 
  • Strolling through Boston Public Garden 
  • Going on a whale-watching cruise 
  • Visiting Salem by ferry 
  • Taking a walking food tour through the North End 
  • Kayaking or paddle boarding on the Charles River 
  • Visiting Castle Island 

While colder weather will limit water-related fun, Bostonians enjoy getting out year-round. Just dress in layers and invest in a good winter coat, boots and a snow shovel. 

Enjoy the atmosphere at sporting events 

Whether you root for the Red Sox or not, attending a game at iconic Fenway Park (MLB’s oldest stadium) is something every sports fan should experience. If you’re into other sports, you can also catch the Patriots (NFL), Bruins (NHL), Celtics (NBA) or Revolution (MLS). For sheer pageantry and history, it’s hard to beat a football game at Harvard — and make sure to tour the campus while you’re there! 

Moving from North Texas to New England is simple with U-Pack 

Cross-country moves can be stressful and expensive. Simplify the process with U-Pack. Our unique service frees you up to focus on pre-and post-move necessities (translation: we’ll drive your stuff to your new home). Connect with one of our local service centers to learn more and get a free, no-obligation quote.