Moving from Columbus, OH to Houston, TX

Are you moving from Columbus, OH to Houston, TX?

Columbus is a historic city in the heart of Ohio. Houston, Texas, is also entrenched in its state’s history, but it also has the advantage of being one of the most up-and-coming cities in the nation. If you’re looking to make a move from one fine towns to the other, then you probably need to look through a few quick facts in order to make an informed decision. Let’s explore the many reasons why moving from Columbus to Houston could be the move for you.

What is the weather like in Houston?

Columbus and Houston have vastly different weather patterns. Columbus tends to go through several different climate extremes through the year, but Houston has less variety in weather. For the Ohio resident who’s tired of cold winters, Houston will keep you warm. Snow is almost unheard of in Houston, and freezing temperatures are extremely rare. For the most part, Houston stays hot and sunny for much of the spring and summer, while the temperature gage for the fall and winter is relatively mild. The sun beats down on Houston, allowing its residents to maintain a year-round tan. Rainfall is frequent, as well, which makes any individual wishing to keep a garden, happy. About 50 inches of rain falls in Houston annually. Those that are fans of thunderstorms will often get that pleasing sound to rock them to sleep. Overall, weather in Houston is pretty swell compared to Columbus.

What do the demographics look like in Houston?

One of the most interesting and commendable aspects of Houston is how diverse the city is. It is easily one of the most diverse cities in America, rivaling New York City and San Francisco for the sheer number of cultures and languages that are held within its limits. There are somewhere near 90 languages spoken in Houston. African Americans, Caucasians and Hispanics all each hold around 25 percent of the population. The other quarter is divided between any number of backgrounds, with representatives present from nearly every part of the world. Minority groups that extend beyond race also have a foothold in Houston.

How are the school systems in Houston?

Any parent is going to want to know just how prestigious the school systems are when moving to a new place. This is especially the case with as great an education program as Columbus has in place. Houston, though, is definitely one of the finest academic hubs in the nation. In addition to having the large Houston Independent School District, Houston has more than 300 private school and precisely 112 Magnet schools, many of which are among the most prestigious in the country. There is also a wealth of higher education venues, as well. Among these are the research-based Rice University, the University of Houston and Texas Southern University.

What is the economy like in Houston?

The economy, though, might be Houston’s biggest draw. Forbes has place the city second on its 500 list, while it has also been named one of the “Best Cities” by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. In recent decades, Houston has seen a boom, which is in no small thanks to the low cost of living, the numerous employment opportunities, the quality of life and the booming businesses helping to turbine the town’s entire economy. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics has noted it as being the best city for job creation in the United States. Perhaps one of the primary reasons that Houston does so well financially is its location. Since the Gulf of Mexico is the town’s next door neighbor, exports help to drive commerce in the town. There’s also an emphasis on natural gas and oil in Houston that makes it one of the top energy-business towns in the country. No matter what it is you want to do, Houston’s got you covered.

What are sports like in Houston?

Columbus most certainly can’t compete with the sports that are found in Houston. Houston has representatives of every major sporting league, with the NFL’s Texans, the MLB’s Astros, the NBA’s Rockets and the MLS’s Dynamos. If you’re looking for a team to root for, leaving Columbus for Houston is most certainly a great idea.

Moving to Houston soon?

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