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Leaving Columbus

Columbus, Ohio, is perhaps most well known as the home of the Ohio State University. But, the city is more than just a college town. Columbus is one of the largest cities in the country and has a strong economy, a diverse workforce and an affordable cost of living. These factors have helped make Columbus a great place to call home. But if the time has come to leave Columbus for new opportunities, let U-Pack help. We offer a variety of customizable delivery options and a broad coverage area.

Fun Facts about Columbus

Whether you’re new to town or heading off for new adventures, it’s good to know a little about the history of your city. Here are a few fun facts about Columbus:

  • The city was founded in February 1812 and was named in honor of Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer who discovered the Americas.
  • Abraham Lincoln, on a visit to the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, learned he was to become president of the United States after election results became certified. Lincoln’s connection to Ohio is important, as it was here he also delivered remarks on the abolition of slavery, and his body briefly lay in state and the Statehouse for observance after his assassination.
  • Have a sweet tooth? You’ll enjoy this little nugget. The Anthony Thomas Candy Company is located in Columbus and, each day, the factory workers produce 50,000 pounds of chocolate!
  • One of the world’s greatest magicians, Howard Thurston, was born and raised in Columbus. Upon his death in 1936, his family had him buried in the city at a mausoleum at Greenlawn Cemetery.

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