Moving from Columbus, OH to Dallas, TX

Moving from Columbus to Dallas

A 15-hour drive separates Columbus and Dallas. While it may seem that distance makes you feel you’re about to be in a culture shock by moving from the Midwest to the deep south, life in the two cities isn’t all that different. Columbus is a city with a population of over 2 million and is the second-most populated city in the Midwest. Dallas has a similar population, with more than 1.7 million people calling the Big D home. Dallas is the ninth most-populated city in the country and the third-most in the state of Texas. But population isn’t the only similarity. Both have a similar cost of living, a good job market and good food. Here’s what to expect about your move from Columbus to Dallas. 

Cost of living

The cost of living is little bit steeper in Dallas than it is in Columbus, but life in Dallas has its perks. For example, Texans pay no state income taxes, meaning the list price on retail items is the actual price. Home prices are a little more in Dallas, with the average price of a home about $187,000, compared to about $142,000 in Columbus. And while things like gas and health care are a bit more expensive in Dallas, residents there spend less on groceries and utilities, so things tend to even out some.  

Job market

Much like Columbus, Dallas has a large, healthy job market. Salaries in Dallas are among the highest in the country (to adjust for cost of living) and there is a lot of opportunity for employment there. Many companies have headquarters in Dallas and industries like aerospace technology, health care, retail, IT and the natural gas, oil and energy sector dominate the job market. 

Food options

When you think of Texas food, you may think of barbecue. Most Dallas residents have their favorites and, if you’re in the right company, a spirited debate may arise about who has the best BBQ in the city! But Dallas also loves its Mexican and Tex-Mex food — and you may find the best the city has to offer from a food truck! According to Eater, the Mayan Tacos from the Azucar Latin American Cuisine food truck are the best tacos in the city. Other local favorites are El Come Taco, the El Palote Panaderia and La Fonda de Don Chuy. Steakhouses, pizza joints and seafood markets are also all the rage in Dallas. 

Ready to move to Dallas?

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