Moving from Cleveland, OH to Orlando, FL

Heading south to Orlando

Moving from Cleveland to Orlando is a big change — everything from climate to culture. With 1,050 miles between the two places, learning everything to prepare for the move is wise. Remember that Florida is known as “The Sunshine State” for a reason — don’t forget to pack your sunscreen! 

Leave snowy winters behind

Moving to Orlando is an excellent choice if you’re tired of the cold Cleveland winters, which average more than 60 inches of snow annually. While snowfall can happen in Orlando (though it’s extremely rare), you probably don’t need to bring your snow shovel! Orlando’s temperatures typically stay between 52 and 91 degrees throughout the year, with long, hot summers and short and cloudy winters. 

Family-friendly things to enjoy in Orlando

You’ll find plenty of things to pass the time in Orlando. The city is only 1 – 2 hours away from the closest beaches, and you can also explore one of Orlando’s 150+ parks, gardens or playgrounds. Try one of the theme parks for big thrills, including Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Here are some other fun attractions: 

Southern living and hospitality jobs

The cost of living in Orlando is a bit higher than in Cleveland, but keep in mind that, unlike Ohio, Florida has no state income tax. Home to two lots of attractions, it’s no surprise that jobs in the hospitality industry are hopping in the city. Residents can also expect employment prospects in aviation and health care. 

Want to make the Sunshine State your new home?

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