Moving from Charlotte, NC to Tampa, FL

Are you moving from Charlotte, NC to Tampa, FL?

The Tampa, Florida area avoided much of the activity that Florida went through during its many years changing hands from various territories and countries. By the time the United States acquired what would become the state of Florida in 1819 from Spain; Tampa still had no signs of a beginning. It was not until after the United States Army put the Fort Brooke frontier outpost on the site that things began to take shape. This was in 1824, and by 1849 the village was officially incorporated as Tampa. When railroads, the arrival of the cigar industry and phosphate discovers came in, this peaceful 800-person town began to grown. And it kept growing. Today the city has nearly 35,000 people in a general metropolitan area that has almost three million. Charlotte, North Carolina, is a beautiful city with much to recommend, but Tampa continues to be on the rise in a way that Charlotte can only dream of. This article will show just why moving to Tampa from Charlotte may be the best decision you’ve ever made.

What is the weather like in Tampa?           

When comparing weather between Tampa and Charlotte, the move from one city to the other can seem almost lateral in nature. In truth, when it comes to rain and humidity, the cities are indeed quite the same. There are similar levels of precipitation, sunshine and humidity in both towns. But Charlotte also does experience occasional snowfall, and it has had difficult bouts of snowstorms in the past. The great thing about Tampa is the knowledge that this will never be a concern. There will never, ever be a need for a snow shovel. In addition, Tampa is also a warmer city than Charlotte, leaving it to be an excellent location for lovers of sun lotion and shorts. 72 degrees and sunny Decembers will seem so pleasant when compared to the 52 degrees and cloudy Decembers of Charlotte.

What are the schools like in Tampa?

The Hillsborough County Public School system handles primary and secondary education in Tampa’s surrounding area. It is one of the largest school districts in America, serving more than 180,000 students. Parents have many options for their children with 133 elementary school, 42 middle schools, two K-8 schools, and 27 high schools provided for young people, along with four career centers. There are also 73 charters which serve as alternatives at ESE schools in the area. A whopping 12 different high schools in the district are listed on the America’s Best High Schools list by Newsweek magazine.

There are also several colleges in the area. Those seeking Associate Degrees can look into Hillsborough Community College. The University of South Florida’s main campus is found in Tampa, as well. The university has one of the highest enrollments of all colleges in the nation with more than 46,000 students. In addition, the University of Tampa provides a private liberal arts institution for prospective students. There are about 6,500 students on this campus.

While there are great schools and universities in Charlotte, the great Florida education found in Tampa stands on its own as one of the best in the nation.

Annual Events in Tampa

There are many events that are held in Tampa that are completely unique to the city. One such event is “Gasparilla.” The Gasparilla Pirate Festival is the center of this exciting celebration, which a mock pirate invasion is staged in the town. The invasion, with the Jose Gasparilla pirate ship the center of the attention, brings in more 400,000 people. There is also the Gasparilla Children’s Parade, the Gasparilla Distance Classic, the Gasparilla International Film Festival and many other pirate-themed events held between January and March of every year.

Football’s Outback Bowl is held at the city’s Raymond James Stadium on every New Year’s Day, while the Florida State Fair is held in the city, bringing in a large number of visitors. Each February, the India International Film Festival is held in the town, while Halloween brings on a Latina-flavored Halloween celebration. These are kinds of events you simply cannot find in Charlotte.

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