Moving from Baton Rouge, LA to Houston, TX

Moving from Baton Rouge to Houston

If you’re planning on moving from Baton Rouge to Houston, you’ll have to prepare yourself for a pretty drastic change. Although Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana, it has a population of only 229,553. Houston, on the other hand, is the fourth-largest city in the country and the largest city in Texas with a population of over 2.1 million! Just because Houston is bigger, however, doesn’t mean that you’ll get lost in the hustle and bustle of the big city. Houston is a very friendly and diverse city with a great economy and countless things to do, so you’re sure to quickly feel right at home in this great city!

Driving from Baton Rouge to Houston and what to expect in Houston:

Fortunately, moving from Baton Rouge to Houston means that you won’t be traveling very far from home. Houston is 271 miles from Baton Rouge, and if you choose to drive yourself, it should take you about four and a half hours to get there. Although your trip won’t be long, you’ll be passing through a few cities where you could stop to take a rest and check out what the cities have to offer. You’ll first be passing through Lake Charles, LA, where you can see the Central School Arts and Humanities Center which features several local art galleries. You’ll also be passing through Beaumont, TX, which is home to the beautiful Beaumont Botanical Gardens. Then, you’ll soon be in Houston!

The Weather in Houston

Fortunately, moving from Baton Rouge to Houston doesn’t mean that you’ll have to get used to very different weather. Both cities experience a humid subtropical climate, which means they have very hot and humid summers and mild, cool winters. Houston’s average yearly temperature of 70 F is just barely above Baton Rouge’s average yearly temperature of 68 F. In the summers, Houston routinely gets temperatures that exceed 90 F and occasional thunderstorms. In the winters, Houston’s temperatures are very mild with lows usually in the low 40s and very little snow, if any at all.

Houston’s Transportation

If you usually take public transportation in Baton Rouge, you will find that it should be much easier for you in Houston. Similar to Capital Area Transit System (CATS), Houston is served by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO). METRO provides several options for commuters including several buses, a light rail and lift vans. However, the majority of Houston’s residents drive to work. If you choose to drive when moving from Baton Rouge to Houston, you may find that it will be a little more difficult to make your way around the city since traffic congestion in Houston is somewhat of a problem. But Houston is connected to many major roads that make getting around the city and to nearby areas a breeze!

Education in Houston

The city of Houston is served by 17 different school districts with a total enrollment of over 700,000! This is quite a difference from Baton Rouge’s school district that has an enrollment of over 42,000 students. However, if you’re moving from Baton Rouge to Houston with children who are in school, it may take a little time for them to get used to Houston’s public schools, but they’ll soon feel right at home! The Houston Independent School District is the largest school district in the city and is made up of 165 elementary schools, 37 middle schools, 31 high schools, 32 charter schools and seven alternative schools. Houston is also home to great private schools with over 300 located right in the city. For higher education, Houston has great universities such as the University of Houston, Texas Southern University and Rice University.

Houston’s Arts and Culture

Even though Baton Rouge is known for its great art scene, Houston is home to a very vibrant artistic community! Houston provides several ways to experience great performing arts including the Houston Grand Opera, the Houston Ballet, the Houston Symphony Orchestra and The Alley Theatre. Along with the great ways to see performing arts in Houston, the city is also home to several great museums. Houston’s Museum District includes such museums as The Museum of Fine Arts, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Holocaust Museum Houston, the Houston Zoo, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and the Station Museum of Contemporary Art. Besides the many great museums in the Museum District, Houston also has Space Center Houston which is the official visitors’ center of NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, the Downtown Aquarium, The Galleria which is the state’s largest shopping mall and over 300 beautiful parks. You certainly won’t run out of things to do when you move to this great city!

Welcome to Houston, “Space City”! It will be great moving from Baton Rouge to Houston!


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