Moving Companies in Baton Rouge, LA

Using U-Pack to Move from Baton Rouge

As you plan to leave Baton Rouge, reflect on all the good memories. Like going to the most epic Mardi Gras celebrations, cheering on the LSU Tigers to victory and eating delicious Cajun cuisine. And though you’ll miss Louisiana’s Southern charm, you’re excited about what’s to come. Choose U-Pack® to help with this life-changing experience.

We offer nationwide services, fast transit times and convenient door-to-door deliveries.

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Baton Rouge Bucket List

Don’t leave the city without completing your bucket list! Here are some fun activities to include:

  • Look through the giant telescope at Highland Park Observatory for the best nighttime views
  • Visit LSU’s mascot, Mike the Tiger — the only real tiger living on a college campus
  • Gaze at Baton Rouge as you sail through the sky in a hot air balloon  
  • Taste some of the state’s best ice cream at the LSU Dairy Store
  • Dine at Pastime Restaurant — a local eatery that’s been around for more than 60 years
  • Tour Louisiana’s White House where nine governors and their families lived between 1930 and 1962

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