Moving from Austin, TX, to San Jose, CA

Find economic and cultural diversity in California’s South Bay 

While San Jose, CA, is best known as the “heart of Silicon Valley,” this thriving area is more than just a hub of technology and innovation. If you’re planning to move there from Austin, TX — considered the “Live Music Capital of the World” — you may be surprised to learn just how much the two cities have in common. Keep reading to see if San Jose strikes a chord! 

Pack your patience while getting around 

As California's third most populated city, San Jose has a population north of 1 million — roughly the same as Austin. That can make driving a challenge. According to a study conducted by the retail auto information website CoPilot, the San Jose metro area ranks tied for 28th among 80 U.S. metros for commuter time lost in traffic (17 minutes per day or 72 hours per year). 

While locals rely primarily on their cars, public transportation is available through the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority and Caltrain, which makes stops between San Jose and San Francisco. There’s also a growing infrastructure for bicyclists, and many of the area’s tech companies operate convenient employee shuttles to their campuses. 

Various outdoor activities are within easy reach 

Conveniently located within a short drive of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Cruz Mountains, San Jose offers residents a variety of options for enjoying nature. It also helps to have about 300 sunny days per year! 

Ready to explore? Check out these popular spots: 

  • Hike in higher altitudes at Castle Rock State Park 
  • Roam the salt flats at Alviso Marina County Park 
  • Take a bike ride among native wildflowers at Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve 
  • Enjoy a picnic and find the perfect Instagrammable shot at the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden 
  • Marvel at traditional Japanese architecture and a peaceful koi pond at the Japanese Friendship Gardens 

Immerse yourself in local culture 

It’s no secret that Austinites love a good festival. While they may not be available on the same scale in San Jose, you won’t have any shortage of cool places to visit and things to do. 

For instance, did you know San Jose is one of only three U.S. cities (alongside Los Angeles and San Francisco) with an active Japantown? San Jose’s J-Town is one of the best places to enjoy authentic dining experiences, cultural events, and other festivities. 

Santana Row is an upscale area with rentals, condos, restaurants, and retail establishments. Also, history buffs and paranormal enthusiasts won’t want to miss the world-famous Winchester Mystery House. 

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