Moving from Albuquerque, NM, to Phoenix, AZ

Leaving Duke City for the desert? Find your oasis in Phoenix 

Phoenix, AZ, is one of America’s hottest destinations — literally and figuratively. With a population of 1.6 million, it’s the fifth-largest city in the country and is projected to grow by nearly 60 percent in the next decade. Fortunately, with a greater metro area spanning 2,000 square miles, there’s room to handle the boom. 

If you’re preparing to move from Albuquerque for new vistas in the Valley of the Sun, you’re in the right place! Get a glimpse of why so many are drawn to Phoenix and learn about a hassle-free long-distance moving solution designed to save you time and money. 

They don’t call it Valley of the Sun for nothing 

According to the National Climatic Data Center, Phoenix is the sunniest metropolitan area in the country, with an average of 334 sunny days per year. Yes, the summers are blistering (with average highs right around triple digits). Still, many locals happily trade that for a yearly average temperature of 75 degrees and only about 8 inches of annual rainfall. 

Albuquerque is similarly hot and dry in the summer, but highs only reach the low 90s, and it gets cooler at night. There’s also lots of sunshine (280 days per year), but Albuquerque winters get cold and snowy — something you shouldn’t expect in Phoenix, where it hasn’t snowed since 1998. 

Soak up stunning views in the great outdoors 

Thanks to its predictable weather and endless opportunities for outdoor exploration, Phoenix is a popular destination for people who love experiencing nature. So, if you miss the Rio Grande flowing through Albuquerque or hiking the nearby Sandia Mountains, there’s plenty of outdoor fun in Phoenix.  

Did you know: 

  • There are six lakes within a 75-mile drive of downtown Phoenix. 
  • It has one of the largest municipal parks in North America, South Mountain Park and Preserve, covering more than 16,000 acres with more than 50 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails. 
  • The Sonoran Desert is one of the few native habitats for the saguaro cactus, which can grow more than 40 feet tall and live more than 150 years. Another desert attraction you will want to experience: colorful spring wildflowers. 
  • Phoenix is a world-class golf destination with almost 200 courses. 
  • Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time, so there’s no “springing forward” or “falling back” to affect leisure activities. 

Cultural immersion in the PHX 

Phoenix and Albuquerque share strong Native American and Hispanic cultures and a vibrant art scene. ABQ is best known for the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Festival and as the setting for the legendary television drama “Breaking Bad,” but Phoenix has an impressive collection of cultural attractions as well. 

While it doesn’t match the scale of the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival, the Arizona Balloon Classic is considered one of the nation's top hot-air balloon festivals. This family-friendly weekend event, held every January in the Phoenix suburb of Goodyear, includes fireworks, laser light shows and kite displays. 

If you enjoy Albuquerque’s historic old town, museums, and parks, you'll feel at home in Phoenix. There’s a wide assortment of acclaimed museums, including Taliesin West, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Interested in Native American artifacts? Check out the Heard Museum, which houses the country's most extensive kachina doll collection. 

Sports fans should feel right at home in Phoenix, which supports franchises in all four major professional leagues, nearby Arizona State University, and hosts two NASCAR events each season. It also serves as the spring training home for half of the teams in Major League Baseball. 

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