Moving from Albuquerque, NM to Dallas, TX

So you’re thinking about moving from Albuquerque, NM to Dallas, TX?

New Mexico and Texas are states that are located directly beside each other. What’s funny, though, is that there is lots of space between Albuquerque and Dallas. This is to help illustrate that not only are these two Southern states miles apart in distance, but they are also miles apart in culture. Dallas is an up-and-coming city in the United States. There is much to recommend about it, especially if you’re considering a move away from Albuquerque to the city. Let’s review just a few of the reasons why Dallas may be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

What is the weather like in Dallas?

The weather between to the two cities isn’t dramatically different during many of the months of the year. In both places you get hot summers with temperatures often reaching above 90 degrees. What’s different about Dallas, though, is that you don’t have to rely on snowfall. Anybody who’s ever lived in a place with pervasive snowfall knows that it can be the source of much misery. Shovels are a routinely used household tool. This is not the case in Dallas. In addition, Dallas also enjoys a beautiful fall and spring, as well. Unlike Albuquerque, too, Dallas receives plenty of rainfall. As a result, the surrounding area is much greener and beautiful, especially during the spring and summer. In general, Dallas is just a much nicer place to live when it comes to weather.

What are the demographics like in Dallas?

Dallas is a more diverse city than Albuquerque. This allows for residents to have a much more culturally unique living experience. With more than twice the population of Albuquerque, there are more than a million people living in the city limits of “Big D,” one of Dallas’ many nicknames. While 50 percent of the population is Caucasian (and almost 30 percent non-Hispanic white), 25 percent of the city is African American, more than 40 percent of the town are Hispanic and there are also significant populations of Asians and American Indians. Most of the Hispanic population hails from Mexico, although there are also Puerto Ricans and Cuban representation. Of the over 450,000 households in Dallas, about 36 percent are made up of married couples. This helps to showcase the family-oriented atmosphere that Texan values hold dear. This said, the city does skew younger with a median age of 31.8 years old. Uniquely, exactly 50.0 percent of the population is male and 50.0 percent is female.

What are the sports like in Dallas?

You can’t talk about Dallas without talking about sports. Sports are a central part of everyday life in Texas, and the Dallas Cowboys are probably the most popular team in the state. Over the years, this NFL football team has gained five Super Bowl titles thanks to iconic players like Troy Aikman.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks recently won the NBA national championship in 2011, while the Stanley Cup was won by the NHL Dallas Stars in 1999. Soccer is also well-represented in the city with the FC Dallas MLS team, which has previously won the U.S. Open Cup.

What is the religious makeup of Dallas?

Religion is an important part of Southern American culture, and so you can’t talk too much about Dallas without mentioning going to church. Protestant Christians churches have the largest influence in the Dallas spiritual community. There are many prominent sects of Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian congregations in the city. In fact, faith is behind the city’s most important high education institutions, Dallas Baptist University and Southern Methodist University. Dallas Theological Seminary and Criswell College, as well as other Biblical schools like Christ For The Nations Institute. There is a large prison ministry movement in Dallas, which is run by organizations such as the International Network of Prison Ministries and Chaplain Ray’s International Prison Ministry.

There is a large Jewish population in Dallas, with around 45,000 people indentifying with the faith, while there are also significant populations of Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, Buddhists and Sikhs. No matter your faith, there are options for you in Dallas.

Making your move to Dallas

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Welcome to Dallas!

Dallas is waiting for you! Albuquerque will be but a distance memory when you leave New Mexico for Texas!