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Moving from West Allis

West Allis is located between Milwaukee and Waukesha, Wisconsin. The city offers an urban lifestyle, a fun nightlife and options for enjoying the outdoors. It’s also a great place for grade-school education. But if the time has come to leave West Allis, you’ll need a moving company to help.  

Enter U-Pack®. Our DIY service makes long-distance moves easy and affordable. Our service works like this: We bring the equipment to you, you load, and then, we handle all the transportation.

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Places to Visit before Leaving 

Don’t leave without revisiting some of your favorite places. Spend a day or weekend making memories at:

  • The Downtown District. Home to unique shops, spas, food trucks and festivals, there’s always something fun to do downtown.  
  • Cool Waters Aquatic Park. Moving with kids? They’ll love spending a day at the water park. Take turns gliding down Milwaukee County’s largest slides, and then warm up in a heated pool. 
  • Milwaukee County Zoo. The zoo features more than 3,100 animals. Top exhibits include the penguins, Grizzly bears, reindeer, African lions and spotted hyenas.  
  • West Allis Farmers Market. If you’re moving in the summer, stop by the West Allis Farmers Market. It’s the perfect place to buy seasonal produce and fresh meats to cook one last meal in your home.
  • Lake Michigan. Even if you’ve been here hundreds of times, go back for one last hoorah! Most other locations don’t have access to such a grand lake, so soak in as much of Lake Michigan as possible.

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