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Moving Companies in Green Bay, WI

Moving Companies in Green Bay, WI

Moving to Green Bay, WI
It’s no secret that Green Bay is famous for its football, but what are the other reasons you’re going to love moving to Green Bay, Wisconsin? Take a look:

Location & Population
Green Bay is located at the head of Green Bay, a sub-basin of Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Fox River. The city had a metro population of 306,241 in 2010, and is the third largest city in Wisconsin, after Milwaukee and Madison. It is the smallest metro area in North America to host a major professional sports franchise.

Claim to Fame
Green Bay’s unofficial nickname is “Titletown, USA” because of the record number NFL championship titles. “Titletown” appears on the city seal and issued by many local businesses. Green Bay was awarded the title “All-American City” twice, in 1964 and 1999.

You will experience four distinct seasons in Green Bay, with warm, humid summers and long, cold and snowy winters. August is the wettest month, with 3.77 inches of precipitation, mostly from thunderstorms. The driest month is February. Green Bay receives on average 53 inches of snow per year.

The Green Bay Area Public School District is the 5th largest school district in Wisconsin. There are more than 20 elementary, six middle, and nine high schools to choose from. In addition, there are two K-8 grade schools and several private schools available to students. For higher education, there are seven institutes in and around the Green Bay area.

There are great shopping centers for every budget in Green Bay. You’ll find two shopping malls, strip malls, and the first Shopko discount department store. Check out Bay Park Square & the Village at Bay Park for shops like Kohl’s, DSW, and JCPenny. Visit East Town Mall for shops like Hobby Lobby, Petco, and ALDI. And lastly, Green Bay Plaza has stores like T.J. Maxx, Homegoods, and Sears.

Even more fun!
For even more fun, visit the Green Bay Area Zoo, the Green Bay Area Casino, parks, theaters, museums, and wineries. There’s a lot to do in Green Bay!

Go Packers!
If you love the NFL, you will love moving to Green Bay. The city rallies behind their beloved Packers. In 2011, the Packers won Super Bowl XLV. The field is named after the founder, Earl “Curly” Lambeau. Soon, you’ll be known as a cheesehead, or Packer fan!

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Our prices are comparable to truck rental, but WE do the driving! It’s a win-win! And winning is something any Green Bay resident loves to do!

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If we are not able to provide door-to-door delivery to your city near Green Bay, WI, you can save money by loading or unloading at the service center conveniently located in Green Bay, WI. If you have questions about serviceability to your location, please call us at 800-240-7422, and a U-Pack Moving Consultant will gladly help.

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